Friday, January 28, 2011


In just the past few weeks and months we have seen what seems to be an upsurge in idiotic acts. There’s a guy from the Twin Cities trying to climb Mt. McKinley in January. I heard yesterday that the wind chills were in the minus 100 degree range. I understand some of our young people are looking for new and better ways to get stoned. Some are using synthetic marijuana while others have found intoxication from exotic bath salts. Bath salts? Where did that come from? Who was the first moron to try that? Of course there is always the old standby of sniffing paint or glue. The end result of all these acts is a fried brain and in some cases serious psychotic issues. Many individuals have committed suicide while under the influence of these inhalants. Some just become vegetables in constant need of care and supervision. What in the world is going on?

I am going to try to examine some of this phenomena. First, I am sure you would agree that we are all members of the animal kingdom. I grant you that we should accept that we might be a higher order of animal, but animals none the less. In the lower order of animals, individuals with a propensity of self destruction don’t last very long. In fact, entire species have disappeared because of their failure to adapt. Humans, one would expect, should use their brains for their survival, not their destruction. I don’t believe lower animals would ever intentionally dare fate by putting themselves in compromising situations. If a lower animal climbs a mountain it is for a reason other than just because it is there. They would be looking for food or shelter or safety or something of value. Humans are the only animals who dare fate by exposing themselves and their ultimate rescuers to danger just because they can.

Only humans look for ways to alter their consciousness by getting high. Apparently lower animals accept life as it is and deal with it. It would also appear that only humans suffer from the need for an adrenaline rush. Why else would anyone try to climb an ice covered mountain in the middle of January? Another question I have is why would the news media cover such an event? Is it like watching a traffic accident? Are we waiting for the eventual disaster?

All of these moronic acts are committed by selfish people seeking attention. These are people whose desire for the high, or the rush, is so great that they forsake their families and their responsibilities to their fellow humans in order to get that feeling. Often we are left to pick up the pieces of wasted lives. Often children face a life without parents because of those parents’ desire to dare themselves or test fate. And to what end? What has been accomplished? So you climbed a mountain. Big deal. Instead of celebrating you, I pity you. I pity your family and your friends who have to worry about your survival. I also pity the rescuers who often have to risk their lives to pluck your sorry hide off the mountain. No, to me, there is nothing to congratulate.

To those among you who are bent on removing yourself from the gene pool, be my guest. If this life is so bad and so harsh that you need to alter your brain, jump in. Through the many eons of animal existence on this earth, some species have excelled and survived. Alas, many others have died off. The gene pool is always open. Dive into the shallow end at your own risk.

Ron Scarbro January 25, 2011

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Beth said...

Excellent post Ron. Clapping hands for you. You told it just exactly like it is!