Sunday, February 20, 2011


What you see happening in Wisconsin is about to be played out in many other states as well as in Washington, DC. I am talking about the budget battles. To be sure, not everyone will be happy with the proposals or the end results of these battles, but changes are going to occur. I recently wrote a piece about issues which are, in my mind, untouchable unless they are increased. Those being veteran’s benefits and Social Security. I stand by those words today as I opine about the proposals now being debated.

In Washington the Republicans have determined that ending funding for public broadcasting is one way of reducing spending. They also just passed an amendment ending funding for Planned Parenthood.

First my thoughts regarding public broadcasting. Setting aside the fact that they have become a propaganda arm of liberal politics and also the fact that, in a typical hour of programming, a full twenty minutes is dedicated to commercials on a “commercial free” aired program, I don’t care what they broadcast. My TV and radio are equipped with a station selector and an on/off knob and I use them frequently. My concern is that they operate with taxpayer money and that is wrong. If their programming is of value to their viewers and listeners, they should have to compete along with all other private businesses for customers and advertisers. No free country, least of all America, needs a state run broadcasting outlet of any political view.

Now concerning Planned Parenthood. I personally do not oppose abortion. I do not oppose assistance with family planning. What I oppose is that my tax dollars are being used for those purposes. All across this great country are millions who also oppose this illegal use of taxpayer money. Again, if these services are of such value to their clients, then it is incumbent upon Planned Parenthood to figure out another way to pay for them. In no way should it be at the expense of the American taxpayer. Abortion and family planning are very personal issues and in many camps religious issues and as such are none of the government’s business. They are in no way issues in which the government should be involved. These are but two of many proposals and decisions which will be made in the near future which are going to displease some portion of the public, but hard decisions are going to be made.

Wisconsin is, like many other states, facing huge deficits and they have no choice but to find cuts in their spending. I understand their deficit is about three billion dollars which is small when compared to others. Minnesota for example is twice that amount. Consider California and other big states that have spent like drunken sailors for the past several years. Judgement day is at hand.

The vast majority of citizens of Wisconsin know what is coming and they seem ready for it. That is why they elected the people they did. What is happening in Madison is a small number of union members from Wisconsin as well as other states raising a ruckus as they face the inevitable. The delaying tactics being tried by the State Senate Democrats will only serve to further irritate the good citizens of Wisconsin and will, in the final analysis, fail. Wisconsin citizens’ reality is that either these cuts are made or several thousand of them will lose their jobs. Not a happy choice but reality nonetheless. Wisconsin’s problem is pocket change however when compared to others like California, for example.

I’ll end this piece with these observations. In my seventy short years of life I have seen several fluctuations in our economy. Prices and values have risen and fallen. But, and again this is a big but, we have always recovered and gotten stronger. This is no different. In a few short years we will look back on this time and be amazed by our own resilience and our ingenuity. My word for the day is PATIENCE. While that is a good word for every day it is especially proper now. We all need to adopt this word and look to a bright future.

Ron Scarbro February 20, 2011

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Beth said...

Wisconsin's debt is not nearly as large as the deficit in Illinois.
I agree with you concerning public broadcasting and planned parenthood and I am very concerned with the fate of Medicare.