Tuesday, March 29, 2011


You may have heard this analogy before. We used it back years ago in business during sales meetings. The question was, “Are you involved with the problem, or are you committed to its solution?” The analogy is the bacon and egg breakfast. In such a breakfast the hen has an involvement, but the pig has a commitment.

I think of this when I consider our bombing of Libya. Are we just involved or do we have a commitment? It’s a fair question when one considers our current use of military forces in two on-going wars. Wars which have been going on for more than ten years now as we have previously reported. Ten years and no end in sight. Are we in those wars as just an involvement or are we committed?

War, by its only definition is an all out affair. It is an unlimited act. For us to be involved must mean that we are committed to win. There is no other reason to bomb and kill thousands of people.

Where Libya is concerned, we are now being told that our commitment is over. We took out Gadhafi’s ability to fight so we can wrap up and go back to other wars. We are told that we will not send in ground troops. I hope that is true.

So, where is this discussion headed? What do you think is going on? Is it an accident that virtually the entire Middle East is rising up and attempting to throw off the oppression of their dictatorial leaders and live as democracys? Is that what we are seeing? I hope so, but I am a bit skeptical. Why, after thousands of years, are the people suddenly demanding freedom? Who is behind all of this? Is this a religious uprising or is this truly an uprising of people wanting to be free? Who is financing this? Where and when will it all end? Will a new Middle East come out of this unrest with a desire to join the twentieth century, participating in the modern world? Again, I hope so.

Even with all the questions, we still have serious interests in the Middle East. Primarily oil. Since we refuse to drill for our own oil and produce our own energy in our own country, we continue to need the oil of the Middle East. It is in our interest that oil continues to flow. In my view that is the reason for our involvement not only in Libya or Afghanistan, but all over the Middle East.

It should be clear to even the most devout liberal that our liberal President Obama has to keep the oil flowing. It is not a choice, it is a requirement. If that means bombing countries like Libya, then so be it. Reasons and excuses will be offered but the real reason is oil. Our economy, and for that matter the economies of the world, depend on oil. They have it and we need it. Imagine how much simpler this all would be if we just got off our duffs and drilled and produced our own oil, but I digress.

So, are we involved, or are we truly committed? Do we have the will and the stomach to face reality and produce our own energy? Do we have the will and the stomach to end our wars in the Middle East, or will we just continue to be involved? As I have said before, the only way a war can end is with a winner and a loser. What we are doing now is just spending military forces and millions of our treasure to keep the game going. We need a commitment. We have the ability. We have the weaponry. The question is, do we have the will?

Are we the chicken or are we the pig?

Ron Scarbro March 29, 2011

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