Thursday, June 23, 2011


When Chris Matthews announced on his MSNBC program that the only people in favor of Anthony Weiner’s resignation were conservative Christian right wingers who weren’t sophisticated enough to appreciate and understand the nuances of sexual perversion, lying, and wife cheating, I thought the limit had been reached in stupidity. Incidentally, I thank God that I lack that sophistication. Apparently the limit had not been reached however. No, NBC, on their broadcast of the US Open Golf Tournament, chose to edit the Pledge of Allegiance.

If you didn’t catch it, NBC decided to omit the words “under God” from the pledge so as not to offend those among us who believe God is a four letter word. Anyway that was their excuse. They offered the standard “non-apology apology.” They seem to believe that all will now be okay.

Using their thinking process one would assume that the next step for NBC is to print their own currency. If they can write their own “Pledge of Allegiance,” why not print their own money? After all, doesn’t it clearly state on our currency “In God We Trust?” That surely must offend the morons at NBC. It must also gall them that “In God We Trust” is the official motto of America. I wonder how they deal with that and the fact that over eighty percent of polled respondents identify themselves as Christians here in the US. That could not be good news for the far left organizations which produce the news for our consumption. Maybe they need to create a new country just for themselves and for those who think like them.

Some would think that these eighty percent of us should boycott such idiots as NBC and all the others who feel the same way. I don’t agree. Watch what you want. Just remember that people who think the way they do are going to produce programming that reflects their thinking and their agenda. That most certainly would be seen in their news reportage.

The only time I watch any of the major networks is when a sporting event comes on that I cannot watch anywhere else. For the most part, to me, their regular prime time programming is ridiculous. I have tried to watch their news programs but quite honestly find them hard to believe. Their agenda overwhelms their coverage. One can literally see the same news story from the major networks and then find it on line or in some newspapers and it will be a completely different story. You just have to be careful with what you consume that is called news. If you choose NBC or any of the “big four,” that’s your choice. I think you would be wise to confirm what they report. You might find that the story has a different ending.

The time is rapidly approaching when we must face a fact. The vast majority of this country is viewed as fly over wilderness by the Northeast liberals who create and air news programs. You, who regularly read this blog, and millions of others, are seen as buffoons by those same morons. Why, you might even (gasp) own a gun, or stand when the flag passes, or attend church, or treat people with respect. To the Northeast liberals, you are the unsophisticated, unintelligent masses who they must instruct. In other words, you are an enemy of liberalism.

I don’t know how this all happened, but the America that I know and the America that is seen by the liberals are two different countries and I don’t want to live in theirs. One thing is clear to me however, our numbers are growing and theirs are shrinking. Another election is coming soon and we must all get out and make ourselves heard loud and clear. My television has an on/off button and I use it regularly. I recommend that you consume news wisely. As Reagan once said, “Trust but verify.”

Ron Scarbro June 23, 2011


Mike Query said...

Over 80% if this country may claim to be Christian, but only 41.6% attend a church, synagogue or mosque at least once a week or almost every week, according to a 2009 Gallup poll. The definition of "Christian" is "Follower of Christ". So if you throw out the Jews, Mormons and Muslims you are probably left with half or less of true Christians. I am only guessing so don't quote me on that, but it would seem to something significant. Another Gallup poll states "After moderates are asked which approach they lean towards, the overall ideological breakdown of the country divides into fairly neat left and right groupings with 47 percent of Americans identifying as progressive or liberal and 48 percent as conservative or libertarian and the rest unsure." The problem is the Conservative Christian is badly outnumbered by the bleeding heart liberals and I wish I had a solution. We can't shoot them, so somehow we have to get along. I have never seem the animosity between the two groups as there is now. I know it takes both groups as a check and balance to keep each other from running amok, but somehow we have to come up with a way that that we start considering what is the best for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Gone are the days of Walter Cronkite when the news was reported, not spun.