Wednesday, December 14, 2011


We have the government we have chosen. We, through our elections, have put into place the people who make the laws and set the policies that govern our society. That’s funny because I recently saw a poll which stated that over 75% of the respondents believe we, as a country, are headed in the wrong direction. Is this “buyer’s remorse?” The voters of this country elected Obama and Reid and Pelosi along with all the others and this is what we get. I believe we deserve what we get. After all we voted for it.

You have all heard the definition of insanity. That is when you continue to do what you have always done but expect a different result. That cannot happen. That is insanity.

Now President Obama says he needs four more years to complete his task and that the voters should re-elect him. That would be insanity. It is clear to me that four more years of Obama would probably be enough time for him to complete his vision of destroying America as we know it and replacing it with some sort of socialist European type country. If the voters in fact re-elect this incompetent to four more years, we deserve the destruction that will surely follow.

And so I ask the question, “Are you satisfied with the direction we, as a country, are headed? Are you among the 75% who said no?” If you are not satisfied, what are you willing to do about it?

I have heard some on the left say that the Republicans are hampering their attempts to change this country into the welfare state that they envision. I so hope that is true. I have children and grandchildren to consider. I want a world for them that in some way resembles the world I entered as a young man. One has only to look across the pond to see Greece, or Spain, or for that matter most of the European Socialist countries and see the trouble they are in. That, ladies and gentlemen, is our future unless we turn this ship of state around. Is that the future you want for your children and your grandchildren?

I watch in stunned amazement as the media and the Democrat party team up in an effort to destroy all that is good about America. Good people, many of whom are Democrats but also many Republicans, seem to park their brains at the door when they get to Washington. For reasons I cannot explain they fall into the pattern of spending money we do not have to buy things we do not need for people who are too lazy to care for themselves, and in the process weakening our military and lowering America’s position of influence in the world. It needs to stop now. Responsible people must get off their duffs and get busy electing the people who will bring this nonsense to an end.

In another poll I read that 42% of respondents believed Obama deserves another term as President. That group must approve of the fact that the stock market is in the toilet, unemployment is anywhere between 9 and 11% depending on whom you believe, real estate values are the lowest they have been in decades with foreclosures going through the roof, America’s debt is the highest it has ever been, and across the board there seems to be a general malaise about our lives. Is that what America is all about? I don’t think so.

We do have the government we have chosen. We are headed in the direction we have chosen. If, like me, you are unhappy with that direction, help change it. I remember an exercise I used to do in typing class, “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” That says it all.

Ron Scarbro December 13, 2011

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