Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Today it seems some Mayors and local elected officials have forgotten what their job really is. Emperor Bloomberg of New York City apparently thinks he knows best in all things from diet to smoking to gun ownership. In reality he is just a spoiled little rich guy with a Napoleon complex. Why the people of New York put up with this clown is beyond my comprehension.

Famous singer/songwriter James Taylor said in a recent interview that maybe it would be best if we all just gave up some of our freedoms for the good of the many. I think this moronic interview had something to do with gun ownership. Whatever. I don’t think people like Taylor would like it very much if the socialist  utopia they see in their pea brains actually came to pass and they had to live there. When they faced the reality that their wealth would be taken from them for “the good of the many,” they might have a different opinion of utopia.

Some state and local governments seem to be getting tired of being dictated to by the Feds. All across the country several states are crafting laws in an effort to stifle the heavy hand of Washington. Laws are being passed easing gun regulation and specifically neutering new Federal gun laws. Texas has passed a law making it illegal for any police agency to enforce any new Federal law restricting gun ownership or possession. The officer could be arrested. Utah has passed a law making it lawful for any legal citizen of Utah who was otherwise not restricted by previous convictions, to carry a weapon openly or concealed with no permit required. Many other states are busily working on new laws to control the feds.

Other state officials are overtly inviting businesses to move their operations out of the heavily taxed states to more business friendly areas. Texas is leading the way offering special consideration to gun makers and ammunition producers as well as other businesses. And it’s working. Texas now is the fastest growing state in the Union. California and other big tax states are losing jobs and revenue from this exodus.

Many right-to-work states are siphoning off companies and jobs by offering automakers and airplane builders a much more business friendly environment.

Arizona is trying to get pro golfer Phil Mickelson to move from California to save big on his state income taxes. Florida already leads the way for many wealthy people’s southward move because of the absence of a state income tax. Imagine if you made a million dollars a year and you could save ten percent by just moving to a different state. What would you do? Ask Tiger Woods, a former Californian who now resides in Florida.

The issue facing us today is the runaway monolithic reach of governments. We are a free people. Government is the servant of the people. Representatives, Senators, and Presidents are hired civil servants who are hired by the people to do the business of government. We are their boss, not the other way around. They have a book of rules, a manual of operations you might say. It is called the U.S. Constitution. We have in place a system to deal with the great issues we face. All we need and all we have ever needed is for all of us, and that includes the government, to follow the rules and obey the law. Let the only special interest be the good of the American people. When that simple rule is followed, life will be much simpler for all of us.

Ron Scarbro

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