Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Some years ago famed newspaper columnist Dave Barry offered a way for our country to deal with runaway government. He proposed “The Dept.of Louise.” Louise, a 38 year old mother of three, totally involved with the laundry, PTA, grocery shopping, and soccer practice, would be consulted before any government action or spending could occur. “Louise, we need twenty million dollars to build a new landing strip for wild geese.” And Louise would say NO. “Louise, we need ten million to study the sex habits of the Ugandan box turtle.” And Louise would say NO. “Louise, we need to eliminate the second amendment and greatly change the first and the tenth. In fact we need to throw out the whole Constitution and write a new one which would better serve our special interest.” And Louise would say NO and you have to hurry because I have to pick up my kids from soccer practice.

We, the people, need to find our backbones and say to the bully government, NO. A government which decries bullying in schools is the biggest bully of them all in every aspects of human interaction and they need to hear the word NO from us.

Some moronic State Senator in Florida is proposing legislation which would require any purchaser of  ammunition to take an anger management course and have a waiting period. Colorado is proposing an end to pump shotguns. ICE is releasing thousands of illegal immigrants to prey upon the citizens. All across the country  government agencies are bullying the American people by instituting rules and regulations with little or no thought as to the outcome. To all of these idiots I have one word, NO. We are free people who have been endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Our Founding Fathers knew what government oppression was. They lived with it everyday. They knew what government overreach was. Our Constitution was written to protect us from our government. Our freedoms are not granted by the Constitution, they are our unalienable right. They were granted to us by our Creator. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were designed to keep government off our backs and their boots off our necks. As free people we decide what is best for us. There is no person or group of persons on earth intelligent enough to decide what is best for me. I make that decision. Sorry Mayor Bloomberg but it is my decision whether I will buy sodas in 60, 80, or even 100 ounce containers. It is my decision as to what cooking oil I will use. It is my decision whether I will allow my offspring to nurse or take formula. It is none of your damn business. Take care of yourself and I will take care of me and mine. Stop trying to bully me.

Louise, where are you now that we so desperately need you? Where are the people who will just say no to our runaway government? We have a book of rules. We have a manual of operations. We have the law. We, the American people, have the U.S. Constitution. I regularly re-read it. I often refer to the Bill of Rights. Those individuals whom we have hired to serve us as representatives need to also re-read these documents. Many seem to have forgotten what is written there.

Everyone who serves in government has to swear an oath to uphold the Constitution from the president on down. None are exempt from that requirement. It is incumbent upon us, the voters, to hold their feet to the fire. I’m pretty sure no one in Washington wants to hear from Louise.

Ron Scarbro


Anonymous said...

Hardly a day passes without another edict from some politician trying to make our choices.

Bo Lumpkin said...

I read all your columns but sometimes I don't comment because I can't read the Captcha stuff on my phone or my Galaxy pad.