Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I just voted in my state’s primary election. It was simple enough. I walked into the polling place, presented my government issued photo identification as required by the state of Georgia, and cast my ballot.

I thought about the idea of voting and its importance. Then I considered why some people would object to presenting ID in order to vote. I can tell you this. It is extremely difficult for dead people to vote in Georgia. It is also almost impossible to vote more than once per election. Maybe that is why Republicans overwhelmingly win elections in Georgia. I think this is due primarily to the requirement of photo ID. I also think this is the main reason Democrats continue to object to voter ID. It is difficult to rig an election if voters have to be alive and are only able to vote once per election.  

The Democrats scream at the thought of actually having to prove who they are in order to vote. Discrimination, they say. The requirement makes it much more difficult for old people and minorities to vote, they say. Never mind that the state provides, at no cost, photo ID for anyone who cannot afford it. Never mind that people must show photo ID to get on an airplane, cash a check, or most of the normal activities of daily living. It’s that voting thing that provokes them.

There are other little aspects of Georgia living that some, possibly Democrats, might find uncomfortable. In order to get, or renew a driver’s license, one must show legal citizenship in this country. One must prove their name with a birth certificate or some other government approved ID. For example if one gets married and changes their name, they must show a certified marriage license. It can be time consuming but, it also has many positives. Like most states, Georgia requires drivers to have auto insurance in order to drive on these roads. Non-licensed drivers cannot get auto insurance.

If you are a plumber, a beautician, a nail salon worker or owner, a landscaper, or anyone requiring a license, you must prove your citizenship and your name in order to be licensed. It is a non-discriminatory law. It doesn’t pick on any particular group. It just requires one to be a legal citizen of this country in order to work or drive in Georgia. Arizona’s laws and requirements are lame by comparison. They have nothing on Georgia.

So, where do you stand? To you Minnesota readers, do any of you truly believe Al Franken could win a seat in the US Senate in a fair election? It is no wonder Democrats rail against voter ID. It would clean up elections, make them fair, and make it much more difficult to cheat.

This final note. The coming election is one of the most important in the history of America for many reasons. Chief among them is the fact that new Supreme Court Justices will be named probably in the next few years. In the last few Court decisions our very Republic has been hanging by a five to four vote. We are that close to losing it all. We absolutely must have honest elections. There is just too much at stake. If you think by reading this that I believe a Democrat Senate and another Democrat president would be harmful to America, you would be correct.

Ron Scarbro 

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