Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Attorney General Eric Holder has issued a verbal indictment concerning black convictions and black incarcerations. It is apparently his opinion that black people are being treated unfairly, are disproportionately arrested, prosecuted, and jailed for crimes. Now there is no doubt that the vast majority of inmates housed in various prisons and jails across this country are black. But, is this the elephant in the room? Who is actually committing the crimes in America? What if the crimes being committed are disproportionately committed by black people?

Here’s something to think about. The black population of America is around 12% of the total population. What if you could just break down the total number of crimes committed by whites, Hispanics, blacks, and Asians? How do you suppose those numbers would look? Well it is never going to happen because that would prove beyond any doubt where the problem is. By percentage blacks commit the vast majority of crimes in this country.

Some continue in the mistaken belief that this is due to poverty. Some say it is due to lack of education and opportunity. I had a good friend who used to argue with me that it only appears that blacks are the major perpetrators of crime because the media publicizes their actions and hides white crime. That might have helped him with his conscience but it did nothing for reality. That particular “head in the sand” attitude is one of the reasons for the problem.

Among other glaring problems in the “black community” is the fact that 70% of black children are born to unwed mothers and the children are then raised without fathers. Black men have become nothing more than sperm donors. Children are brought into the world without the influence of any male figure in their lives. A second issue is what President George W. Bush called the “soft bigotry of low expectations.” Schools don’t have the same requirements and expectations of black kids as they do of other races. These two issues alone are almost guaranteed to “keep them on the plantation.”

Can this be fixed? Can the plight of black people be improved? Here are a few suggestions. Number one, the judicial system is doing nobody a favor by refusing to hold young defendants liable for their crimes. To do so cheats these youngsters out of a needed learning experience. Everyone should learn early on that there is consequence for bad actions. All criminal defendants should realize that the police department is the law. When you fight a cop, when you pull a weapon on a cop, when you refuse to obey lawful instructions from any police officer, you should then be prepared to suffer the consequence. Trying to take a policeman’s gun is tantamount to asking to die. Often those wishes are granted.

I know that all races commit crimes. I also know that all races sometimes refuse to see the police as authority. That is a mistake regardless who does it. The policeman isn’t paid enough to be abused by punks regardless of their race.

To Eric Holder I have this bit of advice. Quit playing the tired and worn out race card. Black people are convicted and imprisoned because they commit the vast majority of the crimes. If you truly cared about the plight of black America, you would get out of your shiny office and get into the inner city and help teach young blacks respect for law and law enforcement officers. Unless and until that respect is learned, nothing is going to change for black America.

Ron Scarbro

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Jwo- said...

I agree and have stated such many times, on forums and just recently. Black youth raised without caring Fathers are taught no respect for law or elders. If a young black wannabe thug/punk acted out and he had a caring Father, he would be grabbed by his neck and told something to the effect, "son, if I ever see you doing that again, I'm gonna wear out every last belt I own on your ass, do you hear me? Furthermore, you'll have essays, community service and chores to last 'til Christmas...your first starting now!"

Fatherless families are the root cause of black crime and the toxic culture of blacks in America. Were I a young black male, I'd despise every two-faced liberal I saw for their self-serving policies enacted at my expense! Social programs by Democrats have enslaved the blacks since the Republican North freed them. Vast compounds of slums full of those convinced that "the man is holding me back/I can't do it on my own/I have no consequences" crowd that breed & re-breed irresponsibility. It has become ingrained in millions and has created horrible people and results...all crafted to create and control a voting block.

I believe the black community is the linchpin for our Country's future. We have got to reverse the cancer created by social programs & engineering and return self worth, self reliance and self esteem to this segment of our society. We need more Thomas Sowells, Condi Rices and Clarence Thomases and far less race-baiters like Sharpton, Jackson, Lee and others continuing to enable the lethargy. Their white counterparts of Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, etc are like-minded antagonists. They wouldn't raise their children like that but its OK to allow other, less important tools for their use to exist like this. What horrible people! They're not idiots or ideologues...they're manipulators and slavers!

Further to your comments, I've never been disrespected by a policeman and not because I'm white. I've been stopped by black cops. Its because whenever I'm pulled over, I immediately roll down my window and place my hands out where they can be seen, so the officer knows he's safe. When approached, I say, "Hello officer, how can I be of help?" I've never been beaten, shot, sprayed, insulted or anything near such. I look them in the eye, talk with them, laugh with them, respect them and tell them upon leaving, ticket or not, "I appreciate you doing your job! Stay safe!"

My Father taught me such. He also wore out a few belts on my ass when I strayed! I never worried about police, principals, etc...I had to answer to a 5'11", 250lb bulldog that loved me more than I disregarded myself and others. And if he didn't get me, my Mother did! Kids need authority, guidance and support. Painfully missing in black neighborhoods...