Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Let us consider the prefix trans. It is used a lot. For example, transfer or transact, or how about transition and trans fat? In these utilizations trans might mean to change or to alter. To go from one place to another or to go from one situation to another.

Lately it has also come to mean to go from one sex to another as in transsexual or from one gender to another as in transgender. Later in this column we will see how this prefix is coming to mean just about anything we want it to mean.  

Rachel Dolezal is a white woman who, a few years ago, decided it would be in her best interest to pass herself off as a black woman. She married and divorced a black man and has two biracial children. She curled and dyed her hair as well as darkened her skin tone with makeup. She graduated from a predominately black school, Howard University, and went on to become President of a Spokane, Washington chapter of NAACP.

In order to obtain and keep her position as President, she spun a series of tales from parental abuse to having a black father to being raised in a tepee and hunting for her food with a bow and arrow. None of her tales were true.

Her parents outed her. Her own brother, incidentally a biracial young man who was adopted by her parents, also outed her. She is of European descent and is totally white. She is biologically caucasian.

So, here we are. She has been caught in a lie, a big lie. I was always told when you are in a hole, stop digging. Rachel evidently didn’t get that message. She has continued to compound her problems by adding to her lies. The reality is she cannot get out from under the web of deceit she has spun. What to do? What to do?  

Rachel has apparently decided the answer is to claim to be a transracial person. A what? A transracial person. According to her explanation she sees herself as a black woman. It doesn’t matter that she is biologically caucasian, she believes she is a black woman. That should, in her mind, make it okay. I heard a doctor say this past week that he may decide to see himself as a sixty-five year old man and then apply for Social Security benefits. According to the current thinking he should be granted these benefits because that is the way he sees himself. What do you think his chances are? I suspect he would be arrested and charged with fraud.  

That brings us to this final point. Has Rachel Dolezal committed fraud? Has she gained any financial benefit by lying about her race? She certainly has gained status in the black community of Spokane, albeit for a short time. She has since resigned her position as President. Her continued lies serve no one, especially her.

Personally I don’t care how this woman sees herself. I don’t care how Bruce Jenner sees himself or herself depending on which day it is. People have choices and they should be free to exercise those choices. But, they also should realize just how silly a lot of this nonsense is.

Me, I’m going to now transition myself near some food contaminated by trans fat, eat it and transfer my guilt to some government agency known as the Department of Trans. Have a nice day.

Ron Scarbro

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Thank you for your comments. I look forward to your column in the weekly St. Joseph Newsleader.