Wednesday, January 20, 2016


As I look at the political situation today and as we face another election season, I ask myself, in my quieter moments, what do I believe and what are my various positions? Why do I more closely relate with Republicans than with Democrats? Another question I have is why is my thinking so different from the so-called mainstream media? After all, these are highly educated people who should know better than me. If we read the “elite” media or listen to their newscasts it becomes clear that they are of one mind and it is not the way I think. So, who’s right and who is wrong?

I am going to lay out some of my positions and compare them with what I believe the opposition’s positions are to see where I stand.

First and foremost I believe the US Constitution is the supreme law of this land. It is not a living document. It should be followed as written. The authors of that document gave us the ability to change it if it becomes necessary. The amendment process is clearly laid out and that should be the only way any change is made to it.

I believe in personal responsibility. One is responsible for one’s own choices and should be held accountable for those choices. I believe in law and order. If one chooses to disobey a law, they should be held responsible for that violation. I believe penal institutions are first for penal purposes and second for rehabilitation. I believe if you do not like a particular law, then you should work to change that law, not break it. That’s called anarchy.

I believe in a strong military which is the best deterrent to enemies who would challenge us. I also think everyone who is privileged to live in this great country owes some service to the country through military service or through some other avenue. Personally I would reinstitute the draft.

I am okay with foreign aid with some caveats. If you are in an airplane and you lose cabin pressure, you are told to put your mask on first before you assist anyone else. Makes sense, right? You cannot help anyone else if you are incapacitated. Why would we spend billions helping other countries around the world when we need so much here at home? Our senior citizens as well as our veterans should take precedence over any foreign government. We cannot buy friendship so we should quit trying. Let’s take care of ourselves first.

I do not believe in income or wealth redistribution. I should be able to keep for myself what I have legally earned. If others refuse to work they should suffer the consequence of their choice. There needs to be a welfare system for those truly in need because of situations beyond their control but not generations of families on the dole. That’s not need, it’s greed.

I believe the climate of the earth is changing. It has been changing since its inception. Human activity is no more responsible today than it was the last time warming occurred after an icy period. Since the beginning of time the earth has experienced periods of warming and cooling. Deal with it.

I believe “political correctness” is a liberal invention designed to stifle free speech and expression with which they disagree and should be done away with.

I describe my thinking as traditional American. It is neither Republican nor Democrat. Democrats like Harry Truman would be right by my side along with Republican Ronald Reagan. Our country, with its freedom-tested traditions, doesn’t need any “fundamental” change. I believe my positions are right, period.

Today’s liberals are getting farther out and away from these traditions. Examine your positions and see where you stand.

Ron Scarbro

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