Wednesday, April 12, 2017


In case there were any doubters, the events of the past few days should put to rest any idea that there wasn’t a new sheriff in town. The missile attack in Syria was more than an attack on Syria. It also served as a notice to Iran, China, North Korea and Russia that we are serious and that Barack Obama is gone. It will no longer be business as usual. The tin horn dictators of the world are, or should be, waking up to the idea that there will be consequences for bad actions.

Neil Gorsuch has been confirmed as Justice of the Supreme Court. That means the Constitution will once again be the law of the land. With any luck at all, there could be other vacancies on the Court soon. This means that a private bakery in Oregon or anywhere in the US can refuse to cater a wedding for homosexuals or anyone else they choose not to cater. Personally, I would have baked the wedding party a cake but I promise they would never hire me again once they tasted the cake.

The so-called mainstream media is once again making fools of themselves with their coverage of news events surrounding President Trump. They should be ashamed of themselves but that would require that they know what shame is. They are digging their own graves which is sad because I believe we need media. More importantly however, we need truth, not liberal leftist agenda.

Unless you live under a rock you have no doubt heard the Democrat’s latest line of garbage regarding Russia and the Trump Presidential campaign. This line of barnyard fertilizer reminds me of the carnivals who used to come to the small towns in rural America. They would set up their rides, and their games of chance. They would also set up a stage where scantily clad young ladies would come onto the stage and dance seductively to the music. While they were dancing and holding the rapt attention of the men in the audience, pickpockets would move among them relieving them of their valuables. The Democrats and their propaganda are the dancing girls. Fortunately, the girls are so ugly that most people are ignoring them. Sorry Senator Elizabeth Warren. I therefore have this prediction. The Russian story will soon go away in favor of some new wild eyed notion that they feel might help them explain how their miserable candidate for President lost the election.

I have this second prediction. Under the President’s new executive orders and policies, our economy is going to boom and the Democrats are going to find it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to win any election. The farther they move to the left the harder it will be for them to survive. America is a right-of-center country and will continue to reject socialism.

There have been some other interesting tidbits in the news lately. California wants to secede from the union. I would vote in favor of that. That beautiful state has been destroyed by leftist policies and bad governing. Before they depart however, they might want to figure out how they are going to defend their borders and pay the bills for all of the non-citizens they have been caring for. I say let them go and in just a matter of months, when they are completely bankrupt, we go back in and take the state back. This time though we would require the laws of America be followed and enforced. Mayors or governors would not be exempt from jail for refusing to obey the law.

Over the next few days or weeks watch for our ships of war steaming into the waters off North Korea’s coast. We will also rearm those in the Mediterranean. Rex Tillerson is headed off to Russia to explain what we will be expecting from them going forward. If they are smart, they will pay attention. China has been told by now. It will be interesting to see how they respond.

Ron Scarbro

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