Monday, November 10, 2008


America has made her choice. Like many of you reading this blog, I have seen many elections. Some I have agreed with and some I have not. I want to share some thoughts with you regarding this particular election.

It is historic for sure. We have elected our first black President. That part of it is far less important than who this black President is and his politics. He campaigned as a far left liberal and was elected with those credentials. That pretty much tells you where the country stands at this time. I do not believe, however, that a socialist government can co-exist with a capitalistic economic system. So something will have to give. I therefore believe that the socialist tendencies of this President will be greatly tempered. In other words he will move to the middle in order to govern with any efficacy at all. Let us just consider some of what he will have to face as President.

The first thing on his plate will be the economy for sure. There will be economic stimulus coming from this government very soon. To those among you who are pure conservatives, the new President will have no choice. He will bail out the auto manufacturers if President Bush doesn’t beat him to it. He will put more money into the system through tax incentives and rebate checks to most people in the country. This will be necessary because the government has already interfered in private business. Obama will have no choice but to continue with that interference. We will be witnessing the modern version of the New Deal of FDR. To those among you who will have to pay the bill, I apologize in advance.

Next let us consider his stance on the Second Amendment. Obama is on record as favoring much stricter gun control. Since his election, he has tried to allay the fears of the millions who fear his tampering with the Second Amendment will end private gun ownership in this country. This should be very clear to all and including those people who are in the government, no edict nor any elected politician regardless of his office will cause the American people to turn over their guns. America is armed by the authority of The Constitution for the purpose of defending themselves against the very government officials who would try to disarm them. To even consider messing around with the Constitution is a fool’s game guaranteed to fail. As I have said before, “from my cold dead hands”.

The next issue is much more difficult to get a handle on. That issue is health care. Obama has clearly said that he will bring about some sort of universal health care. Everywhere universal health care has been tried, it has failed. Don’t think for a moment that Canada and England are doing well with it. The cost is prohibitive. But, and this is a huge but, the medical profession including drug manufacturers and hospitals, have killed the goose that has laid their golden egg. They have virtually begged for the government to step in and fix their mess. Once again, the government will have no choice but to step in. Fixing the mess is a bit more problematic however. The government handling our health care is like the DMV or the Post Office handling our health care. It won’t work. We will have an opportunity to revisit this issue.

The far out left want us out of any war anywhere. This will also be a big problem for our new President. By now he will have been given security briefings and will know what this country is up against. His views are bound to change when reality strikes. He is going to have to disappoint his lefty supporters.

Many if not most on the left are in for some serious disappointment in the very near future. As the new President learns the truth about the real world we live in, most of his campaign promises will disappear. What will the liberal press say then? How will the media treat Obama when he turns to the middle in order to govern?

We will all survive the election. Hell we survived Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. The Republicans will reorganize and get a lot stronger in the next two years and probably make huge gains in the off year election. We will all get smarter. I recall the story of the guy who made smart pills out of moose droppings. He sold them to another guy who complained, “That tasted like moose droppings.” To which the seller exclaimed, “See, you’re getting smart already.” Hopefully there is an easier way.

Ron Scarbro November 10, 2008


Anonymous said...

An excellent summary of key problems. It will be interesting to watch the prioritization.
Is there a supply of "smart pills" that we could send to Frank, Dodd, Reid, Pelosi....?

Ron Scarbro said...

Thank you for your comments. I wish you would identify yourself but I appreciate your comments anyway.

Aubrey Immelman said...

Just read your column in the Jan. 9 issue of the Sartell Newsleader, Mr. Scarbro, and decided to check out your blog.

First, best wishes to your son-in-law in South Carolina for good health.

I smiled at your comment that we survived Carter and Clinton, but you don't mention President Bush, whose legacy will be a whole lot tougher to survive than Clinton's, in my opinion (I supported Bush the first time but never voted for Clinton).

I enjoy your writing -- and good luck fishing!

Ron Scarbro said...

Mr. Immelman,
Thank you for your kind comments concerning my son-in-law. Also thank you for visiting the blog. I too have not been very happy with the current administration but in their defense I doubt anyone could have been successful with the all out mutiny by the left as well as some on the Republican side combined with biased media working against every move by that administration. I will follow with great interest the new President as he goes forward. I wish him success. History will decide just how we fared under President Bush. Hopefully history will be kinder than the media. Please continue to read my efforts as we all move in the next great era of America.

Aubrey Immelman said...

You're welcome, Mr. Scarbro. I'll check back from time to time.

Regarding the Bush presidency, I was very enthusiastic about Mr. Bush's prospects when he became president, but unfortunately, he allowed Dick Cheney to convert him to neocon apostasy.

The great irony is that George W. Bush had never been a fan of theories, which is what neoconservative ideology is.

Earlier tonight, I read a commentary on the Bush legacy in my GOPUSA Eagle newsletter. If the article is representative of Republican thinking, I have little hope that conservatives will soon return to power. It struck me that the failures mentioned in the commentary are not the real (or most important) failures.

Hopefully the real lessons will be learned over time.