Thursday, November 13, 2008


The following are some thoughts that, if implemented, would bring about a real change. That’s a word we’ve heard a lot lately. Consider with me these ideas.

First and foremost is this country’s practice of waging limited war. War by its definition is an unlimited exercise. Armies, by their nature, are forces of destruction, not nation builders. I therefore propose the following. America will only go to war when she decides to win quickly and decisively. Our forces are superior in every regard. We should never have to put boots on the ground. We have the ability to, from a perch in this country, send all out destruction to any corner of the world. Within minutes, we could, if we chose, eliminate any country or army or war making facility in the world. To go into these backward countries and fight street to street is allowing our enemy to dictate the rules of engagement. We should instead just eliminate the streets and anyone who happens to live on them. But Ron, you say, that could kill thousands of people. My question would then be, “what is the difference between limiting your killing to a few hundred or a few thousand”? Truman had to make the decision to bomb Japan killing thousands in order to prevent the killing of many thousands more. Such is often the nature of war. This country has proven time after time that she has no stomach for prolonged war. Our wars are lost not on the battlefield but here in this country with the assistance of an ultra liberal media with way too much influence. People who commit treason should be arrested and treated like the criminals they are.

My next suggestion has to do with illegal immigration. As of this writing we are approaching seven percent unemployment. How many American’s jobs are currently being held by illegals? My suggestion is simple. Arrest any employer who knowingly hires and retains an illegal. Arrest any agency employee who makes available welfare aid to any illegal. Arrest any city or church official who attempts to provide sanctuary to these illegal aliens. The result will be that illegal aliens will deport themselves when they find no job or free handout. At the same time this government must make available to employers and providers systems whereby individuals can be checked out to determine their citizenship. By the way, legal immigration should be encouraged and welcomed.

My next suggestion has to do with elections. We absolutely must verify the veracity of voters at the polls. No picture ID, no vote. You have to have picture ID to cash a check, welfare or other, to check out a CD from Blockbuster, or for most business done in this country. The only reason we don’t have this ID requirement at the polls is one particular political party has stopped it. They don’t want an honest election because they know that would have a bad result for them.

I now want to address the treatment of veterans and members of active duty military. The military is our champion. They alone stand between us and anyone in the rest of the world who would wish to defeat our system and our people. No expense should be spared in the medical treatment of our veterans or any active duty member. VA hospitals should be state of the art in every sense. They should be staffed with the best doctors and nurses medicine has to offer. Military hospitals should be the best in the world. These are our warriors. They deserve the absolute best money can buy. Anything less is a travesty.

Senior citizens have a life long contract with the government. That includes both Medicare and Social Security. This contract is inviolate. Anything and everything necessary must be done to insure the health of these systems. If government chooses to include non-senior citizens in this program, they absolutely must provide the necessary funding for those inclusions.

These are but a few of the thoughts I have recently had concerning the future of America. No doubt changes need to be made, but only those changes for the better. As time goes by I intend to offer commentary on the success and yes the failures of the new administration. I’m pretty sure that President-elect Obama is not sitting around waiting for my thoughts, oh well. For him to have a successful presidency, however, I and people like me will have to be considered. I have nothing but best wishes for his success because his success will be America’s success.

Ron Scarbro November 12, 2008

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sganshert said...

I hope these thoughts are considered and applied by the new administration.