Saturday, May 16, 2009


As a blogger and writer, Nancy Pelosi is the gift that keeps on giving. I could not, if I were a writer of fiction, come up with situations that would compare with Pelosi’s adventures.

Nancy Pelosi, Democrat, California, Speaker of the House, Third most powerful individual in America, is violating three of the most basic tenets of Washington politics.

Number one. The crime is rarely as bad as the attempted cover up. How many times have we seen this in Washington? Often silly little misdeeds are blown completely out of proportion by trying to cover them up. Lies pile on top of lies until the truth, which always eventually comes out, seems even sillier that the original indiscretion. These events are too numerous to count.

Pelosi’s assertion that she wasn’t told of CIA water boarding is of course untrue. The CIA regularly briefs Congress and keeps them updated as to all their activities. The Speaker didn’t object to this enhanced interrogation because it would not have been politically expedient to do so. The reason she now denies she was informed and didn’t object is that now it is politically expedient to hold this new position. In fact she is so politically expedient that she may not ever know what she truly believes. That is such a sad state of affairs.

This brings us to the second violation of Washington tenets. When you are in a hole, stop digging. Don’t these people ever pay attention to what is going on around them? She cannot dig her way out of this mess and can only exacerbate her situation by continuing her denials. She was briefed in 2002 and the CIA director Porter Goss was with her at the briefing. He has stated this fact and will testify to it if necessary. Goss is not the only person who knew of her involvement. They will all be called to testify if it becomes necessary.

The next tenet of Washington political reality then is just this. Everything these politicians say or do is recorded, photographed, or written down by someone. Those recordings are ready and available to be shown at the drop of the hat. There are truly no secrets in Washington. Somebody is watching everything that goes on. Does this come as a surprise to Pelosi? Has she had her head in the sand for the past few years? Nancy, the microphone is always open.

My conclusion is simple. Pelosi is either a liar, an incompetent, or just extremely naïve. Any way you look at it however, she is not the right person to be third in line for the Presidency of the United States.

There are some other realities that she and other elected officials in Washington need to pay heed to. There are in this world people who want to destroy us and our way of life. We have hired individuals to protect us. They work under the rules they are provided with. If the powers that be want to change the rules, let them do so but, don’t try then to prosecute the terror fighters for obeying the rules they were previously given. The current administration will be judged by their successes and their failures. Then the next administration will be elected and new rules will be enacted and they will be judged. It is our American way of life.

Politicians are temporary. What they do however often lives on. We the people need to make sure that the politicians we elect will enact rules that protect our country not destroy it.

Ron Scarbro May 16, 2009


Bo Lumpkin said...

You said, "Pelosi is either a liar, an incompetent, or just extremely naïve." You had already said that she is a Democrat from California. I think that pretty much covers all three. Great article. I appreciate you keeping us up to date on these things.

Ron Scarbro said...

Great comment Bo.