Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Once again the field of possibilities is rife with candidates. Washington gives us people like Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank. Academia gives us the University of Wisconsin who forbade the shaking of hands at commencement due to “swine flu”. Business gives us Chrysler executives who now apparently believe they are no longer required to restrain their pay, as required by the bailout, because they now work for Fiat. While those folks are tempting candidates, they pale when compared to this month’s honoree. He is none other than Perez Hilton.

“Perez who?” you may ask. Well I’m about to tell you. Perez Hilton was the judge in the Miss USA beauty pageant who asked the question of Miss California, what were her thoughts on gay marriage. That would have been ridiculous enough but what came next is the reason this particular individual has been chosen as this month’s moron.

Because Miss California answered the question honestly and expressed her opinion as she should have, she was viciously attacked by Hilton and his “Gay Gestapo”.

Like approximately 90% of Americans, she is opposed to marriage between people of the same sex. Certainly not a radical opinion. The problem comes from the fact that this is not the answer Perez Hilton wanted to hear. In response to her answer, an all out attack was waged on this beautiful young girl. She was vilified in the press and on the blogisphere. They sought to have her crown removed. In that bastion of tolerance known as Hollywood, no opinion other than theirs is permissible. Perez Hilton is apparently their go to guy for all things tolerant.

Perez Hilton is a vile little individual who seems to believe that his particular perversion should be the law of the land. Why is he judging a beauty pageant of beautiful women? The whole concept is ridiculous. How could we have a judge who himself appears to be uncertain of his own sex? He needs to crawl back into his little dark hole and pick on someone else.

This essay is not a statement on the homosexual lifestyle. My philosophy is live and let live. It is instead an indictment of Gestapo tactics which seem to come out of the woodwork whenever it pleases the so-called offended parties. Homosexuals probably represent about one or two percent of our population, although they would have you believe their numbers are much higher. I am always amazed at how loud they can be and how they can command so much publicity. When you think about it, here I am writing about them. Oh well.

Since this has all hit the fan, Donald Trump, owner of the beauty pageant, has declared that Miss California will indeed keep her title and the Gay Gestapo’s wishes will be ignored. Perez Hilton will have to find someone else to offend him so that he can unleash his venom on them. I have a suggestion. How about me? I am a good prospect for your viciousness. Miss California and I are of the same opinion on same sex marriage and we are about the same height. I have to admit though that she is a little prettier than me, but what are you going to do?

I learned as a small child, “wishing doesn’t make it so.” If an individual wishes to live an unnatural lifestyle, that is their choice. That doesn’t mean that I have to accept it as natural. I will tolerate it but I ask in return that my more normal lifestyle be equally tolerated by them.

Ron Scarbro May 13, 2009


Bo Lumpkin said...

Have you ever noticed that when someone is doing something they know is wrong they want everyone else to convince them that it is perfectly okay?

sh said...

yeah bo or the misbehaving, problem child is always the loudest. I don't know which rock I didn't look under, but I never heard of this person till he slithered out and tried to bring down a fine Christian girl who made a mistake in her youth. No stones to throw here as I am not without sin myself.