Monday, March 15, 2010


Be reasonable, see it my way. That seems to be the theme of the latest attempt at bipartisanship coming out of Washington. We have been treated to a seven hour argument between our employees, (our elected representatives) which accomplished nothing. The meeting was called in a feeble attempt by one party to convince the other party to get on board with their program for so-called health care reform. The whole deal turned out to be a gigantic waste of time and money. It was billed as an opportunity for the two parties to get together for the good of the American people. As it turns out the politicians of both parties care much more about themselves and their political parties than they care about the American people. Is that a surprise to you?

President Obama said at this meeting, and has said on other occasions, that elections matter. Okay, the Democrats have the majority. Pass what legislation you wish. You have the numbers. You have more than enough to pass any bill you deem fit. My question is why haven't you just rammed your legislation through? What are you afraid of? Could it be that recent elections have sent a message? Could it be that you have also read the polls and know that this particular piece of legislation is not popular with a majority of the American people?

The reason Democrats think a certain way is that is the way Democrats think. The same is true for Republicans. They believe the way they do because that is the way Republicans think. I can tell you that in years past and in my lifetime most politicians put the country ahead of their particular prejudices and beliefs. Republicans and Democrats came together many times in the past to accomplish for America. There have been many times when, for the good of the country, party was shelved for America's sake. What is so different about today? Why are some very questionable members of Congress being shielded and protected by the leadership? In the private sector some of them would be at least fired and at best prosecuted. Is it because of party loyalty? Is anybody surprised that Congress has a favorability rating of under ten per cent by the electorate?

Well, elections do matter and guess what? Another election is just around the corner. At this point most experts believe that there will be a wholesale change in the Congress at the next election. Long serving politicians who have had their way for years will be looking for work after November. I think this is going to affect both parties. The reason to me is clear. We the people, the employer of these politicians, are fed up. We are fed up with the bickering and the childish behavior. We are fed up with the bribes and the shady deals. We are fed up with the inability of grown adults to accomplish their jobs. 

This one thing is true above all else. We have the opportunity every two years to change the Congress. Senators are elected for a term of six years and many of them face re-evaluation every two years as well. You will notice I said re-evaluation not re-election. That describes the difference between what they want and what we should do. If, like me, you are unhappy with the direction this country is heading, join me at the polls and let's change this mess. As I have said so many times before, the only special interest politicians need to concern themselves with is the American people. Those who cannot, need to find new employment.

Ron Scarbro February 26, 2010


Gerald Gerads said...

Read your column in today's Newsleader. A nice change of pace. BUT, the speech you reference was FDR's first inaugural in 1933, not Pearl Harbor, 1941; the quote did not end the speech; and it was given 87 years ago, not 60.
Facts are important. A correction would be nice.

Anonymous said...

This is a day late but I am still trying to figure out the posting of comments. Anyway, I have always said that you could fire all of congress, put 12 farmers and/or ranchers up there and things would get fixed in short order. They would tell lobbiest to shove their special interest where the sun don't shine. Always enjoy your view on things, keep up the good work. Q