Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have recently received several e-mails concerning new attempts by individuals in this government to control guns in America. There is also an effort by European liberals to get us to sign on to a treaty which is supposed to control the movement of arms between countries thereby arming some very dangerous people. Most conservative groups including the National Rifle Association oppose this treaty. The reason for this opposition is simple. The United States doesn't need or want any European liberal think tank or group looking over our laws or our rights. We will make our own laws based on our Constitution. Let Europe deal with their own laws and their own problems. We have bailed them out at least twice in the last century and now it is time they took care of themselves. If they have a problem with arms passing between countries in Europe, let them deal with it themselves. It is not our problem. Gun rights groups rightly believe that these are just more attempts by liberals both foreign and domestic to disarm America making us far more vulnerable to attacks on our sovereignty from the outside as well as from within our country.

My purpose in this essay is to try to ease some people's minds regarding the Second Amendment. I, like millions of other free citizens of this great country, am armed. I not only see being a gun owner as my right as an American, I see it as an obligation. I am armed in order to protect my family and my property. I am armed in order to render assistance should I be called upon for that assistance. As a free American citizen I am also a tiny part of that militia which would and could be called on at any time to defend this country. We, as a nation, were born out of revolution and we live free because we will have it no other way. With all respect, Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton are just politicians currently on the scene. Politicians appear and they disappear. They work for the citizens of this country for a period of time because we hire them. When their term is up, we will hire someone else. That has been the story since our beginning and will continue to be.

Let us say for example, that these two or any other politicians decided to try and disarm America through new laws or international treaties, etc. Do you really think for a moment that they could? Do you think that the millions of gun owners in America would just turn over their arms because some politician said they should? To coin a phrase, that ain't going to happen. There are probably more guns in America than there are people. For the most part the owners of those guns think like I do. From my cold dead hands is not just a slogan. It is reality. There is a very good reason why countries don't try to invade us. They know there is a gun behind every blade of grass aimed right at them. To be sure there is yet another reason to be armed. We also protect ourselves from our own government in the event that government was to get out of hand. We are obligated by our own Constitution to offer that protection. I take my obligation seriously and you should too.

Every time a Democrat gets elected President, gun sales skyrocket. That is great but at the same time it is a little silly. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are ever going to disarm America. We have much more to fear from them spending us into oblivion. Both parties.

Politicians both here and abroad need to face a simple reality. American citizens are armed and will continue to be. We will never turn over our guns regardless of which politician says we should. We are not only armed but we are willing at any time to defend our rights and our homeland. Deal with it. Heck, we will even protect the liberals.

Ron Scarbro March 27, 2010

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