Friday, April 2, 2010


It is that time again. I think you will agree with me when I say that it is fitting that I choose April 1st to honor this particular moron. April first is a day when we recognize fools.

I was tempted to name Sean Penn as this month's choice but that would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Penn is busy down in Venezuela trying to prop up the little dictator Hugo Chavez. To name Penn would be at best redundant. He is to be sure a moron but he is also a traitor to this country as well as just a pure idiot. To hang the moniker of moron on him would cheapen the title for the rest of the morons in the world. Besides any recognition of Penn by this blog is considerably more attention than I intend to pay to him or his ilk.

No, today, April Fool's Day, we select the Civil Rights Commission of Davenport, Iowa as moron of the month. Why this august body of scholars and thinkers? Well they, in their wisdom and through their sense of fair play, decided to send a letter to the city manager of Davenport asking him to change the name of Good Friday to "Spring Holiday". It seems that to use the words Good Friday was to impose religion on the poor unsuspecting citizens of Davenport some of whom may not even be Christians. You'll pardon the expression but, Heaven forbid! According to the Civil Rights Commission political correctness, not to mention church/state separation, requires that absolutely no reference to any Christian observance be allowed by any city official. After all there are some Muslims and atheists in Davenport. They might be offended. I haven't asked the commission but I suppose that would also apply to all religious observances such as Ramadan, Yom Kippur and possibly even Christmas. The City Manager did in fact address the day as Spring Holiday and was pummeled by calls and e-mails. He and the city were overrun by hate mail and criticism. Even the unions got into the act because they had Good Friday off but not Spring Holiday. The City Manager quickly reversed his position and once again restored Good Friday to its rightful place as a Christian observance. 

This of course is what happens when political correctness and its practitioners run amok. Some people just can't seem to accept history and feel the need to re-write it. Some people just can't seem to accept the fact that this country was founded on Judao/Christian principles and continues to live by them. No where in the Constitution of the United States is there a guarantee of not being offended. If you are a Muslim or an atheist or even a warlock, that is your choice. If you choose to live in a Christian country such as America, that is also your choice. America will continue to celebrate her Christian observances and rituals whether you like it or not. If you are offended, too bad. As long as you obey the law you can observe your traditions as well. Just clean up after yourselves.

As has been pointed out by a judge at trial of an atheist who wanted Christmas abolished because it didn't include his group, atheists already have their day. It is in fact April 1st. As the judge quoted from the bible, "a fool has said there is no God." Happy April Fool's Day.

Ron Scarbro April 1, 2010

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Anonymous said...

You are in rare form, Mr. Scarbro. The time spent in warmer climates must have agreed with you. I, too, have more guns than people in the house. Not only mine but most of my dad's. Note I said "most". At 91 he still has a 32 by his bedside and probably more in the house somewhere. I always enjoy reading your "stuff".