Monday, April 26, 2010


You know how at the local carnivals where certain rides have a height restriction? They post a sign with a line drawn across it to designate the minimum height you must be to ride. To ride you must be this tall. That seems quite effective and lets the operators as well as parents know who should and who shouldn't be riding. What does this have to do with this month's moron of the month, you ask? Well I am going to tell you.

I waited all month to see if anyone could take the honor away from Rep. Hank Johnson, Democrat, Georgia, but alas no one even had a chance. Hank wins hands down. I couldn't make up the story I am about to tell you. I would not even try. I couldn't keep a straight face.

Our selection for this month's moron of the month is Rep. Hank Johnson, two-term Representative from Atlanta, former lawyer and judge, law school graduate, and duly elected by his district. He was chosen for this month's dubious honor for his questioning of an Admiral at a hearing regarding the placement of 8000 more troops on Guam. Johnson, in his arrogant sanctimonious manner, was a questioner at a televised hearing regarding this troop placement. He literally asked the Admiral what would happen if these 8000 more bodies were on the island of Guam if that wouldn't cause the island to tip over, capsize, and the entire population would then slide off into the ocean. I am not making this up. I watched the testimony and could not believe what I was hearing. Apparently Johnson believed that the addition of these new troops would cause an island that is something like twenty-five miles long and about ten miles wide, to just tip over and spill all the residents. This from a college and law school graduate. This from a former judge. This from a duly elected member of Congress. From all indications, Hank Johnson couldn't shine the shoes of the man he was grilling. If the episode wasn't so serious it would be just down right tragic.

This brings me to the matter at the beginning of this column. Shouldn't there be a minimum level of intelligence to serve as a member of Congress? Shouldn't one have to pass some sort of IQ test to see if they are qualified to make laws that affect the entire country? I can see it now. There would be a board with a line drawn showing minimum levels of intelligence. All freshmen Congresspersons would have to meet or exceed the line. I wonder how many would be sent home if that were applied today. Do you remember Cynthia McKinney? She was the Congresswoman who didn't know the difference between Mars and the Moon. She honestly believed we had landed men on Mars and had planted a flag. Fortunately she no longer serves in that august body.

So you say to me, Ron, these people are elected by their constituents, right? Shouldn't that make it okay? To that I can only ask, what does that say about the idiots who voted these morons into office? Do they not care about the level of intelligence of their elected representatives? Do they not care that they are inflicting their morons on the entire country?

It is clear to me that the Founding Fathers never imagined such an event as we have witnessed. They would be as amazed as you and I are.

Once again I don't have any answers. I can only report to you and offer my opinions. One opinion I have is that this and other events like it are causing a number of states to reconsider their position in our union. Arizona has passed a strict new immigration law. Montana is passing new gun legislation. Texas and Oklahoma are pressing forward with state's rights issues which could have dramatic effect on the future of the United States. These states are acting because of the direction in which our country is headed.

We are always going to have to deal with morons. It is just a part of life. It truly gets to be disturbing, however, when they occupy positions of power.

Ron Scarbro April 26, 2010


Mikey Q said...

Ron, I'm not so sure that it is an inteligent issue, but a common sense issue. They should have to pass a common sense test. I have seen to many college professors, industry leaders, and government officals who couldn't pour pee out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel, yet they are highly educated. You and I may not be as smart as they, but the good Lord gave us a ton more common sense. I consider that most fortunate. Q

Bo Lumpkin said...

I agree with Mikey Q. Actually I read your article on my cell phone and I tried to leave a similar comment but I had problems with the phone. I guess my IQ isn't tall enough to handle cell phone internet.

Ron Scarbro said...

Thank you both for your comments. I was mistaken as to the Congresswoman who thought Mars and the moon were the same. It was a lady from Georgia and I don't remember her name. I am going to edit the blog when I remember. She no longer is in Congress and she also ran for President or VP on some off the wall ticket a few years ago. Anyway I appreciate your continued interest in my columns and I plan to continue ranting until something changes. It could take a while.


Ron Scarbro said...

The correction has been made. My apologies to Congresswoman Lee.


Anonymous said...

If intelligence tests were applied to some of our current elected officials, I am sure some would be measured in negative numbers.