Saturday, April 17, 2010


Apparently Arizona is finally fed up. They are fed up with the influx of illegal immigrants and the unwillingness of the Federal Government to do anything about it. The Arizona legislature has passed and sent along to the Governor for signature a law making illegal entry into Arizona illegal. What? I thought it was already illegal. I guess that depends on who you ask. It seems that some laws are more important than others. It also appears that laws are selectively enforced. The problem faced by Arizona is their close proximity to the southern border and the absolute lack of enforcement by the border patrol. A prominent rancher was murdered by suspected illegals engaged in drug trafficking. It seems he was just trying to patrol and protect his property when he was killed. This and much more has riled up the good citizens of Arizona and they have demanded this new approach.

The new law, as I understand it, would have penalties of fines up to $2500 as well as jail time and deportment. It further requires local police and sheriffs to identify suspected illegal immigrants and to also require those suspects to prove their legal status in America. This, as you may well imagine, has the usual suspects up in arms. The ACLU and other liberal groups are screaming. They believe this will give authorities license to profile possible perpetrators. Oh no, not the "P" word again. Well here's a scenario that could play out. The cops stop a car load of people none of whom can speak English, none of whom has a driver's license or car insurance. What is he supposed to think? The reality is that several US laws have already been broken by this driver. No driver's license. No car insurance. Who knows what else? The fact is they are probably here illegally and that breaks yet another law.

Previously police officers have had to refer such cases to Immigration Enforcement. Often ICE cannot or will not do their job and the perpetrators are just sent along to whatever mischief they might be up to.

Let's just say, for example, that these are not criminal types. Let's say they are just looking for work to improve their lives and the lives of their families. As this scenario plays out, they go and find jobs using phony or stolen Social Security numbers. They avail themselves of the emergency room at the hospital because they have no insurance and of course we can't turn them away. If they get involved in a car accident your insurance costs and mine go up to cover the losses. What money they make is sent back to their real home. Often they bring their women with them to have their children born in America thereby giving them US citizenship. Of course again we are paying the hospital bill for these births because these poor immigrants can't afford it. Obviously this isn't just an Arizona problem. It is happening all across America. Arizona has just decided to bring it to an end.

The next scenario that is going to play out is that if Arizona is successful they will chase all their problems to other states like, for example, California as if they can afford it.

This problem is not going to fix itself. The big question is when will enough people get as fed up as Arizona? When will other legislatures act to curtail and end this invasion of third world types who rapidly become a drain on our treasuries and our services? The contamination of our Social Security system is already probably beyond repair. Our census numbers will be out of kilter because of the count of illegals. That, of course, alters legislative districts as well. In an environment of 10% unemployment how many jobs are you willing to give away to non-citizens? How much are you willing to spend to support countries who are unwilling to support themselves? When are you going to get fed up?

Ron Scarbro April 16, 2010

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