Friday, July 29, 2011


I’m sitting here watching the stock market go to hell in a hand basket. It reminds me of Rome burning while the Emperor fiddled. Those people we have hired to do the business of government are showing their complete incompetence. It is clear they don’t care what happens to our economy or to the country. Our credit rating is about to be reduced because of our fiscal mismanagement. IRAs and savings accounts across the spectrum are in the process of tubing. Home values have continued to slide. Unemployment is staying at tragic levels. My question is, “What’s Next?”

Maybe I just don’t understand the nuances of big government. Maybe my lack of intelligence won’t let me grasp the intricacies of our economy. Maybe I just don’t know anything. Well, I’ve thought about that. I have considered that maybe it is just me. Maybe this is all going to work out and we will continue to exist and prosper as we have in the past. Or maybe I could be right. It looks to me like we are heading for third world status in all phases of our existence.

We are two countries trying to live as one. On one side, we have the producers who work and pay their way. On the other side, we have those who expect to be taken care of for their entire lives. In the middle we have our elected representatives who seem to want only to be re-elected and will do anything and say anything to that end. Meanwhile Rome burns.

Since we elected Barak Obama and presented him with a Democrat Senate our country has begun a slide that we may not be able to extricate ourselves from. It should be clear to everyone that the policies in play are not working. One more quarter of below 2% GDP and we will officially be in another recession. The change that was promised seems to be a change from prosperity to destitution. To those of you who voted for this moron, is this what you expected? Are you better off today than when this bunch of incompetents entered office?

We need to step back and look at the qualifications of people who we elect. These are the people who speak for us. They decide what we would decide if we were there. Consider what we have in Washington now. It looks more like a schoolyard game of tag than a serious effort to deal with the business of government. Intransigence lives on both sides of the aisle. Compromise is a thing of the past. What’s next? Don’t these morons know that if our credit rating is reduced, our costs, interest on the debt, home loans, and everything else, are going to skyrocket? The “golden rule” applies. Whoever has the gold makes the rule. That happens to be the rating agencies and for some reason they don’t seem to care if our economy tubes.

I promised myself when I sat down to write this piece that I wouldn’t continue the fear mongering that the media has been selling. I promised myself that I would try to find some bright spots in this mess. One major bright spot is that Obama’s popularity is tubing as fast as the economy. He certainly looks like a Jimmy Carter one term President. Another bright spot is that many of these firmly entrenched Congress people who have been responsible for this fiasco will be unemployed in the next election. Neither you nor I created this mess. This is the creation of Presidents and Congresses present and past. We didn’t cause this but we damn sure can fix it. Here’s how.

Destiny is calling you out there. If you are an intelligent American who has the country’s prosperity and security foremost on your mind, consider offering your services to this country. If you possess leadership qualities and know how to compromise, you may have a future in government. It is clear that you will not face much competition from those sitting Members of Congress. They have shown no such qualities.

So, what’s next? I wish I knew. I am ashamed of what politics has become. I am appalled with the idea of career politicians. America needs honest people willing to work. As always the future is up to us. Our children and grandchildren are depending on us.

Ron Scarbro July 29, 2011


Mike Query said...

Oh, I have said for years that every representative, every senator, needs to be fired on the spot and replaced with 51 successful farmers - one from each state - and we would have this mess fixed in a hurry. At least we need to ban any lawyer from serving. Good article! Keep preaching it, brother, say it like it is. Q

Jeff L. said...

Nice article Ron. Many of us share the same frustration, and although your solution is a grand one, unfortunately most honest, honorable, hard-working Ameicans wouldn't dream of running for any office due to the scrunity that the press puts you through to uncover even the tiniest spec of dirt under the most miniscule rock! Who wants to watch Barbara Walters interviewing their high school girl/boyfriend on prime time TV? Certainly not me...
Keep fighting the good fight, buddy! ;-)

Ron Scarbro said...

Hey Jeff,

The good news is if Barbara Walters interviewed my high school girlfriends she wouldn't find any dirt. The bad news is if Barbara Walters interviewed my high school girlfriends, she wouldn't find any dirt.

Thanks for the comment.