Saturday, July 23, 2011


The peace and serenity of one of Europe’s most socialistic progressive countries was exploded this week. Norway, a country with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world, was assaulted by one of their own with guns and bombs.

Initially most believed this was the work of Islamic extremists, but as it turns out, it was a native son who just seems to be another nut case with an imagined gripe and the willingness to kill. And kill he did. As of this writing 71 are dead with several more wounded. The final death totals will doubtless rise.

Now I am not going to take this opportunity to pick on Norway. They have enough problems. Most of the dead were children from a camp. I am not even going to chastise Europe for their socialistic view of government. What I hope to offer is some common sense.

Once again this carnage was caused by an individual, not a weapon. Obviously this moron was able to arm himself as well as either build homemade bombs or get them from somewhere. All the laws in the world didn’t stop him. No, what stopped him was another gun. He was shot, but fortunately he has survived to have his “day in court.” If they can keep this piece of excrement alive, we all will get to hear his story and his tale of woe. Personally I would just as soon gut shoot him with double ought buckshot and feed him to the hogs. But that would be uncivilized, oh well.

There are lessons here for all the world. Lesson number one, there is evil in the world. All the wishing otherwise doesn’t change that. The “head in the sand” approach has never worked. We all need to face the reality of evil among us. That doesn’t mean we should be afraid. No, it just means we all need to be as prepared as possible for this evil. If the camp counselors in Norway had been armed, they possibly could have stopped this agony much sooner. Again, the only way to stop a gun is with another gun.

The next lesson for all of us in this tragedy is to pay attention to what is going on. There is a real effort afoot in this country to attempt to establish restrictive gun laws similar to Europe’s. It would work no better here than it has there. Complacency is the enemy of freedom. There appears to be a few billionaire socialists attempting to change our way of government. They are trying to buy this country through bribes and contributions to legislators. It wouldn’t take much investigation to discover who they are. Some of them are European transplants who are trying to turn our country into the cesspool they escaped from. We have to be vigilant.

The title of this piece is “Wishing Won’t Make It So.” We cannot wish ourselves into prosperity and we cannot wish ourselves into utopia. There are inescapable realities out there. Evil, envy, stupidity, and who knows what else. I believe today there are morons in caves trying to figure out ways to disrupt our way of life. They would love to topple our financial structure. We have been fortunate so far. Now is not the time to sleep at the wheel.

My heart goes out to the Norwegian people and especially the family members of the dead and injured. I wish for them a return to their peace and serenity. I wish for them a return to their utopia. But, alas, wishing will not make it so.

Ron Scarbro July 23, 2011

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