Friday, September 16, 2011


Michelle Obama is out and about attempting to control the portion size of meals offered by privately owned restaurants because she believes there is an epidemic of obesity. Mayor Bloomberg of New York has declared war on salt and certain cooking oils restaurants use for their preparation of meals. San Francisco is attempting to dictate whether a privately owned fast food company can offer a toy or a prize in their meals for kids. I could go on and on, like the controls on adult smoking. Some states are trying to control whether an adult can light up in a car if a child is present. How about seat belt laws or motorcycle helmet laws? Is there no end?

When the electorate chooses a representative to do the business of government, they are not choosing an emperor. Dictators need not apply. If I choose to eat salt by the pound and drink cooking oil by the gallon, that is my choice. I might even eat lard. There is no one on earth who is qualified by his intellect or his position to decide for me what is best for me. I decide when I go to bed and when I get up. I even decide whether or not I will even go to bed.

I point out these recent events to alert you to a relatively new phenomenon. That is the idea that the government has overstepped its boundaries and gotten involved with matters that are none of its business. Nowhere in our Constitution is there any requirement that government dictate what we should eat, drink, or how, as a business owner, I should sell my product. Nowhere is there anything about seat belts. How has this happened? Why are we letting this bunch of politicians, most of whom have never run a business or even worked in a real job, why are we letting them dictate to us?

It would be easy enough to pick on the Democrats because they are the ones in power for now, but they are not the only offenders. No. this has been going on for a long time. The Republicans also are guilty of these offenses.

Can you imagine what might be next? How about a requirement to wear helmets on a golf course? Or what about prohibiting anyone from going out into the sunlight without sunscreen? Maybe inspections of your home to make sure you are not using any “non-green” items? Those old light bulbs might cause global warming you know. The reality is if you can imagine it, some moron in some obscure government office can propose it and try to get support for it. Before you know it, a new regulation is on the books further interfering with your freedom of choice.

Here is my thinking. Attention government, butt out. Get out of my life and stay out of my life. Mind your own business. Michelle, if you are concerned about obesity, take care of your own family and yourself. Have you looked in the mirror lately? Mayor Bloomberg, if you worry about salt and cooking oil, decide for yourself what you eat or drink. I promise I will not ever try to force you to eat anything you don’t want. Be gracious enough to do the same for me. Leave private businesses alone to make their own decisions. They and they alone are responsible for their success or failure. Haven’t you politicians done enough to hamper business growth so far? If I ever decide I want to live under a dictatorship, I am sure I can find several to choose from.

To you my readers, wake up and smell the regulations. Look at the many freedoms we are losing everyday. We absolutely have to get a handle on it.

Ron Scarbro September 16, 2011

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