Monday, September 12, 2011


Okay let’s see now. You have your Democrats, your Republicans, Socialists, Libertarians, Communists, Liberals, Conservatives, and who knows what else. Maybe just “I don’t cares.” Which one are you? This column will attempt to describe how I see myself . I hope you will read this and examine where you stand. What are you?

I see myself as a traditional American and this is how I describe a traditional American. I believe the Constitution is the absolute law of the land. It is not a living document but a literal set of laws and rights established by our founders to lead and guide us then, today, and into the future. I believe citizenship in this country requires personal responsibility whether that citizenship is by birth or by naturalization. I believe in law and order. If I don’t like a particular law, I still have to obey it until I can get it changed. Law breakers should be punished for their crimes not only to punish them but to protect the community as well. Failure on the part of the Judicial System cheats offenders of the lessons they should have received. I violate any law at my peril.

I am a capitalist. I am guaranteed by my citizenship freedom of opportunity. I am not guaranteed success. I have the freedom to try but that also means I could fail. That is on me. I am perfectly okay with helping less fortunate people with welfare. I am not okay with subsidizing generations of bums living off the largess of the taxpayers.

I support immigration. Legal immigration. I welcome new Americans. I reject trespassers who sneak into this country, living outside the law with stolen ID and phony documents. They all should be rounded up and sent to jail or sent back to  where they came from. Children of illegals born here are not legal citizens, period.

I do not believe in discrimination on racial grounds or for any other reason. That means I would never approve of lowering standards to allow less qualified individuals into any school, business, or government job. I certainly would not want a surgeon working on me who scraped by getting into medical school solely because he was black, homosexual, Baptist, or whatever.

Some who read this are probably saying that Ron must be a Republican. I do vote that way most of the time, but. While I believe in the sanctity of life, I support the death penalty. I also support a woman’s right to choose whether or not to continue a pregnancy. That is between her, her partner, and her doctor. It is none of the government’s business. I believe life begins at birth.

I am fortunate to have been born in America. I sat beside my mother and brothers and sister in church every Sunday. We had family re-unions often where all the aunts and uncles and cousins attended. I spent my teen years during the 50s. What a great time. I joined the Army at seventeen. Not for any patriotic reason but because I would have been drafted had I not. I spent the next fifty years working to make retirement possible. I raised two kids who are now good citizens. All of these things I see as traditions of America. I think it is difficult to truly understand American traditions if you never experienced them.

Many, many others had similar backgrounds and came away with a different political opinion. That is what being an American is all about.

I further believe those we have hired to do the business of government probably are all good Americans. Many are mislead but loyal Americans none the less. I will work to try to put people in office who think more like me. I believe that is what is best for the country. You may disagree and that is okay. That is a part of what makes us the greatest nation on earth. We must all keep our eyes on the prize and the prize is freedom, prosperity, and peace. If we do, regardless of our political affiliation, we all then should regard ourselves as traditional Americans.

Ron Scarbro September 12, 2011

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