Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I watched the Vice Presidential debate. I didn’t think there was much about the attack on our embassy that was funny. It would appear that Biden thought it was. For Obama to deny that the attack was terrorism was a calculated political move which somewhat explains his actions, but to deny the embassy additional security when asked, was accessory to murder. Whether that refusal for security came from the State Dept. or the White House, the guilty party or parties should be terminated and possibly prosecuted. There is no excuse for this dereliction, period.

Social Security is going to increase benefits by 1.7% for 2013. Just based on the price of gasoline alone between today and this time last year, your entire increase will be eaten up by gasoline costs. This does not even consider food prices, Medicare, medical costs, or any other goods and services we need. I wonder how they figure their cost of living inflation.

This morning’s polls have Romney ahead by seven points. To me that is not nearly as newsworthy as the fact that there are still some “undecided” voters. What world have they been living in? Another question is how could any thinking person,  knowing the record of the Obama Administration, still consider voting for four more years of the same. It blows my mind.

The “alleged” murderer, Major Nidal Hasan, who is charged with assassinating all those people at Ft. Hood, Texas, still hasn’t gone to trial. He wants to keep his beard because he says it is his religious right. He has been in the military for years and he knows he cannot have a beard. Nothing has changed. Today I learned that he has been ordered to shave or he will be forcibly shaved. Why has this taken so long? He should have long since been given his seventy-two virgins and fed to the hogs. I personally do not want to ever see his ugly face again. By the way, his lawyers have said they intend to appeal the shaving ruling. Who is paying for these lawyers and how much do you suppose they are charging for their services?

Speaking of presidential debates, Al Gore opined that Obama did poorly in the first debate because of the altitude. Does that mean that Obama can only be presidential at sea level? If you, like me, ever doubted Gore’s intelligence, that statement should clear that up.

Romney is being severely criticized because his tax rate is only 15% and that is lower than people who earn $50,000 a year as plumbers. Phony-baloney nonsense. Everybody in this country has exactly the same tax rates. Invested money that earns interest or gains is taxed at 15% for every person in the country and earned salary is taxed as income where the maximum rate is 35% for every person in this country. Every person in the country has the same opportunity to take exemptions when they are allowed and they are the same for everybody. Remember this, the money that a person has invested which is taxed at 15% has already been taxed as income prior to the investment. The fact that Romney made twenty million dollars last year is his good fortune, not your bad fortune.

I wonder how much car insurance would cost if insurance companies didn’t spend so much on commercials. It seems they dominate the TV screen. Speaking of TV commercials, why do prescription drug manufacturers advertise a product that one cannot even buy without a doctor’s order? Strange.

How is it possible that “American Idol” is still on television? And all the dancing shows. And who cares what Kim Kardashian thinks about anything?

Joe Soucheray, on his radio show “Garage Logic” from St. Paul, MN, says “Sometimes I just don’t think I was made for these times.” I so often feel the same way.

Ron Scarbro October 24, 2012

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Bo Lumpkin said...

If it weren't for people like us in these times there would be no clear thinkin' at all. :)