Thursday, November 1, 2012


This will be my last post before the election of 2012. Now I recognize that most of my sermons are directed at the choir. I realize that most of you who read these musings are of a similar mindset. On some occasions, though rare, I have heard from you in opposition to something I have written. I always enjoy your thoughts. I also know there are some readers who read just to further reinforce their own attitudes and beliefs. I am happy to have any readers regardless of their politics. To those of you who disagree, perhaps you might discover a different philosophy and a different way of looking at the problems facing this great country. To those who agree with my thoughts, perhaps you might find others with whom you can share these essays to help bring about the true change this country so desperately needs. To all who read these thoughts, I thank you.  

In the news these past several days is all of the speculation about the Benghazi attack and who dropped the ball. What did official Washington know and when did they know it? Personally I have come to expect incompetence and apathy from Obama. He appears today as he has for his entire presidency, aloof and uninvolved. The problem is that his supporters and followers don’t seem to care. I remember Bill Clinton, the consummate work place sex offender who, after lying to a Grand Jury, was impeached and subsequently disbarred as an attorney. His presidency not only survived but he has now become some sort of hero to the Democrats. If either of these people had been Republicans they would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town and the Republicans would have been the ones to do it.

The question then becomes, will this particular incompetence on Obama’s part affect his electability? I seriously doubt it. That segment of the population which votes for these types of people seems to have a completely different agenda. It would seem that incompetence and lying are to be expected from their candidates. All these voters seem to want to know is what is in it for me?

Now a word to anyone reading this who might be still undecided about this upcoming election. If, after seeing all the evidence and witnessing all of the incompetence, you are still undecided, stay home on Election Day. Do this country and the world a favor and stay out of it. Believe me, we won’t miss your vote.

I wrote recently that if Obama is reelected, everything he has been stalling on as well as the true costs of  Obamacare and all of his lefty programs will hit the fan. There is no doubt of this. It will not please me to be right. In fact it will be a tragedy for this country. I keep hoping that since we have survived Carter and Clinton that we can survive another term of Obama, but this time I am not so sure.

I recently heard this from a woman who voted for Obama in the last election. She said, “Last election I voted for hope and change. This time I’m just hoping for a change.” Well said.

And so this is my commitment to you and to this country. Both my wife and I will cast our vote and we will vote to change the direction of this country. We will vote for Romney with the hope that he will be elected as our next president. We will also vote to retain a Republican majority in the House and will try to elect a majority in the Senate. Never, and I do mean never, has this change been more important. Do your part.

Thank you.

Ron Scarbro October 31, 2012

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