Wednesday, November 7, 2012


To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. But I have been disappointed before. In my years I have seen many elections, winning some and losing some. Such is life. Dealing with this disappointment is always the issue.

This morning, the day after, I heard a commentator say that America is basically changing. I certainly agree.This is no longer the country of my youth. Today two states have approved the legalization of marijuana. Other states have approved same sex marriage. Illegal aliens are being granted in-state college tuition instead of being deported. Some are saying this is just the beginning of huge social changes facing this country. It appears the majority favor these changes by their choices at the ballot box.

I told my grandchildren these changes will not affect me. They will affect you and the other young people around you. The cost of these new social phenomena will be borne by future generations and that cost is not just in money. Morality changes will affect the future of this country and to my mind, in a bad way. Time will indeed tell.

In previous writings I stated clearly that after an Obama reelection, all of the matters he has been delaying will surface. Sadly we will now see what I meant. The true financial impact of Obamacare as well as its detrimental effect on our health care system will soon be known. It will not please me to be right. Several lawsuits are winding their way to the Supreme Court and those outcomes will yet have an impact on Obamacare. This law’s assault on religious freedom is appalling and we still have an opportunity to fix it. Again, time will tell.

What still amazes me is that even this morning the vast majority of those polled believe this country is headed in the wrong direction and yet they voted to continue that direction by their vote. The policies that created our financial mess will continue and this mess is not going to fix itself. Obama says that four years ago he inherited an economic disaster. If he thought that was a problem, look at the disaster he inherited with this election. Who will he blame this time? Only time will tell.

I sat down at my computer this morning to help you deal with your disappointment as well as dealing with my own. The sun will rise today and tomorrow. Life will go on. I cannot honestly say this morning, however, that our country, which is split down the middle, will recover anytime soon. You can’t find your way out of the forest unless and until you know you are lost. It would appear that at least half of our people do not realize they are in trouble. They don’t know that they are lost in the woods. I can only hope that we don’t have to sink too much farther before this country wakes up.

There is good news though. Today I believe as I always have, that idiocy has a time limit. It cannot go on forever. Money and patience runs out. The ideology which has caused our economic woes has a sell-by date. Historically we have always come to our senses in time. Every four years we have an opportunity to unscrew the mess. Will we fix it this time? Only time will tell.

Ron Scarbro November 7, 2012


Jwo- said...

Ron, I wish I were so optimistic...but I'm not. The country of the Greatest Generation has forever sailed. I believe in the 'pendulum' reset of life's currents but in this case, the pendulum has been broken, the current re-routed and a new direction emerged. The voting youth in this country have no awareness of these...OUR...American values. They have no respect nor understanding of our path, our heritage nor our role in this world. The socialist Left will continue to stockpile their 'voting slaves' with handouts, pardons and enticements. The values we cherish are alien to them. I hear Hannity lament that if he had run a campaign like the Left, he'd be ashamed. I just smiled. Why is it that we never seem to understand that by our very conservative definition, we wear red & march in a straight line...while they wear anything they want and shoot from behind rocks & trees. The 'Marquis of Queensbury Rules' does not apply in a knife fight. The Left cannot even fathom the mindset that Hannity expresses because they are not fashioned with such sensibilities. It couldn't be clearer in the VP debate. Ryan showed propriety & respect...Biden represented the 'fist pumping' society that has replaced our generation's demeanor. Our waning ways are dissapearing silently into the good night. America will be remembered by the future generations as that brief "shining light on a hill" that saved the world from Communism...for awhile...and then receded into the mist. The Cold War was just won by Putin, obama's boss...and now, obama has the "more flexibility after the election" that he promiseed Medmedev.

We are now Europe. There are currently no public school teachers nor parents teaching their children the values that made us great. From now on, we will apoligize to the world and take our place among the ranks of the new world order, run by the UN.

I hate to sound so dour but I just don't see the leniage of parenthood...the continuance of character that defined us and our predecessors remaining extant in this country. We and our values are a dying breed. I wonder if the last of the dinosaurs had the awareness to look around and wonder...where did everyone go?

We'll talk soon, 'comrade'...


CAA said...

Now is the time for the South to rise again. There should be a general call for Secession. The South should take it to "The People".

Anonymous said...

My comment is simple, I'm happy to be old and not starting out trying to build a life for me and my kids. I feel so sorry for my kids and their young ones. Mark and I just stare at each other and wonder what has happened to the people of this country. I wonder if people will realize it was their fault or if they will again look for someone else to blame. Isn't that the new normal, take no responsiblity for anything. What a world.