Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Why should I be worried? Obama has been reelected and the economy is going farther into the dumper. Israel has fired missiles into Gaza assassinating a Hamas war leader and of course Hamas is and has been firing missiles into Israel. Why should I worry? Should I care that our top military generals are playing house with women other than their wives? Or that we have an inexperienced juvenile Commander-in-Chief who has never served in or had any experience with the military? Should it matter that not only has he had no experience, he also has openly expressed disdain for the military?

This is a dangerous world folks. The Middle East is the hot spot of hot spots in that dangerous world. Israel is not going to sit by and let her enemies continue to kill Israeli citizens. They will retaliate. The absolute last thing we need is to be distracted by all the extra-curricular activities of those we have hired to take care of business. We need everybody on board and paying attention.

Do you remember Mad magazine? Alfred E. Newman was famous for asking, “What, me worry?” That is my sarcastic question with this essay. Syria is exploding. Libya is no closer to democracy than before their recent revolution. Turkey has clearly stated they will not accept refugees from various warring countries. Egypt is a mess with no fix in sight. The entire Middle East is like a boiling pot with a lid on too tight. It is about to blow and here we are with no adults to handle the fallout.

Add all of that to the “fiscal cliff” we are facing. The Democrats re-installed Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi as their leaders while the Republicans re-elected John Boehner as Speaker of the House. In other words, these people have done such a good job we want them to continue in that fine effort. Are you kidding me? Have we lost our minds? These are the very individuals who created the mess we are in. What on earth makes anyone believe they can fix anything?

But wait, as the TV commercials say, there’s more. Obama wants John, I threw my medals away because I hate the military, Kerry to serve as Secretary of Defense and Susan, it was the video not terrorism, Rice to serve as Secretary of State. Have we completely  lost our common sense? Are you telling me these are the best people we can find for these very sensitive positions? If that is in fact the case, we are in deeper trouble than we knew.

A few weeks ago I wrote a column citing the many issues that have been hidden and stalled until after the election. Well they are now starting to hit the fan. Denny’s restaurants and many other franchise fast food types in Florida and other places are surcharging all their customers 5% to pay for Obamacare. They say if you don’t like it, just consider it your wait person’s tip. After all, they opine, Obamacare is designed for their employees anyway. I’m pretty sure the wait staff isn’t going to be thrilled with that. Many other employers are reducing employee hours and lowering staffing to eliminate themselves from the requirements of this new healthcare law and these activities are going to spread.

The Hostess “Twinkie,” which was supposed to be able to survive nuclear war, couldn’t survive the Obama Administration. They filed for bankruptcy on Friday. All of their 18,500 union employees who refused to return to work by the company imposed and judge approved deadline will now apparently lose their jobs if no further agreement can be reached.  If a foreign company buys Hostess and moves it off shore, whose fault will that be? The evil corporations or the unions? Just asking.

This is just the beginning folks. There is much more to come. The people have chosen and the people will have to live with their choice. Are you worried?

Ron Scarbro November 21, 2012

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Tommie Joiner said...

I'm not worried Ron. I have read the Book and I know how it ends. I do think we might be in the final chapter though.