Wednesday, August 21, 2013


You have all heard about the legislation being offered by some Congressmen from both parties designed to end illegal immigration and to secure the borders. Let’s consider this proposed law.

First, it would appear that the main purpose is to deal with the some twelve to thirty million illegals who are currently living here. The legislation seeks a remedy to their illegality. A road map to citizenship is what it is called. It begins by requiring these illegals to learn to speak English. Then they must pay all unpaid back taxes. In other words they must turn themselves in for violating our laws. Is it just me, or does anyone really think this is going to happen?

Let’s face it, they got here by illegally trespassing, stayed here by stealing phony identification, and instead of attempting to become Americans, tried to turn our country into the cesspool they had just escaped from. Now, because of some new law being passed by legislators whose only motive is to further their own political ambitions, these illegals are going to suddenly get religion? I guess I’m just a bit skeptical.

I am going to offer here what I believe to be a real possible solution to this problem.

In the early sixties I was a Branch Manager for an Industrial Loan company in California. Anytime I hired anyone I had to verify their legal residence in America. It was really simple. If they could not prove their legality, I could not hire them. And that was fifty years ago. What happened? When did this all change?

We are being told that this new legislation is necessary because there is no way that we could deport the millions who are here. While that is true, we could have these millions deport themselves. All we have to do is require all employers verify the legality of all their employees and then hold the employers legally liable for any employee who is employed illegally. Next, we require that no welfare of any kind, food stamps, money aid, free school lunch, rent assistance, or medical care be available to any one here illegally, period. In other words, we would treat these trespassers in much the same way Mexico and Canada treats them.

For this to work, we absolutely have to prosecute any and all employers and welfare agencies who violate this law. The penalty would be prison, not a money fine.

But Ron, who would pick the fruit and mow the lawns? We obviously need workers in all phases of agriculture, construction, as well as all businesses. Again the answer is simple. It would be necessary that we institute a “Guest Worker” program which would be closely guarded and supervised with un-copyable identification and inviolate dates of entry and exit clearly imprinted on them. Any worker here without proper ID would be arrested and put in prison. Any employer who had in his employ any employee without proper ID would also be imprisoned. The ID cards would be only for the worker, not his family. If an employee loses his job, his employer has to report that job loss and the “guest worker” has to go home.

I am pretty sure this is never going to happen. The reasons are for one, the Social Security Administration has been taking in millions that they never plan to pay out. Secondly, the politicians believe that if they can somehow legalize these trespassers, they will vote for whatever party legalizes them and continue to vote for them for life.

Remember this. Any illegal alien who is employed in this country, is stealing a job an American could have. Any illegal who receives any welfare aid is stealing it from legitimate Americans. It’s our choice. Do we continue to put up with this, or do we do something about it? You decide.

Ron Scarbro August 21, 2013

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