Wednesday, September 4, 2013


In the past several years we have been involved in a futile exercise. That being associating ourselves with various groups whose goal it is to swap out dictators in countries in the Middle East. When will we learn that trading one dictator for another never seems to work? Look at Egypt, Libya, Iraq, and all the backward little countries we have tried to “help.”

Today it is Syria. Here we have a murderous dictator who is gassing his own people, women and children. I am convinced these Middle Easterners are not normal people. What kind of a man could sit still and watch women and children, babies even, gasping their dying breaths? And dying because of his murderous actions. No, these are not normal people.

We watched Saddam Hussein do the same thing and we got involved. Sure, we got rid of him, but is Iraq any safer for normal people today? I think not. We chose sides in Egypt and Libya and look at those results. Do you really think those countries are safer now that the reigning dictator is gone? Of course not. Other dictators are just waiting in the wings for their shot.  

Maybe it is time for us to take another look at these places. These backwards people have been killing each other for thousands of years. Their “religion of peace” has caused more deaths than the black plague. It is becoming increasingly more difficult for me to believe we have any national interest in trying to stop their self mutilation and murder. They all seem bent on suicide.

We do have an interest in oil and we will continue to have that interest. We have allies and we will continue to have allies. We are completely competent to take care of those interests and we shall. I cannot see where we have any real interest in groups of thugs killing each other over some ancient religion. That has been going on since before we as a country existed and it will continue until they all are dead at their own hands. Now if the Baptists declared war on the Methodists and started killing each other in Arkansas, we would have an interest. If the Catholics started killing off the Lutherans in Minnesota, we would have an interest.

It is heart wrenching for any sane individual to view the carnage of a gas attack. Especially when it involves children but, the Syrian people have to deal with their own issues. I am satisfied that the so-called rebel forces at work now in Syria are al-qaeda, or at least strongly supported by that group. Will Syria be any better off when Assad is gone and al-qaeda is in power? I think not regardless of what Sen. John McCain says.

All my life I have watched as governments, media, and others with self interests have ginned up wars. I have seen us get involved in all parts of the world for first one thing and then another. Some have been legitimate for sure. Still others are more of a question.

One thing is sure. There has been nothing in the news about Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, or any of the other scandals plaguing the White House since Syria took over the conversation. Just saying.

Today it may well be time for us to acknowledge that most of the Middle East is not worth our concern. Maybe we would be better off to just let them kill each other off. We are not the world’s police department. We need to stop financing their madness with our foreign aid and leave them to their own destiny. This current experiment with humanity doesn’t seem to be working.

Ron Scarbro September 4, 2013


Anonymous said...

Finally, sanity... If not Syria the Obama media would have found something to take the heat off him, even by making something up. I know shock, right. Wonder who really used the nerve gas. the dicator or the dicator wanna be. I think they need to fight a few of their own battles and then try to get help from us. Sound familiar?

Jwo- said...

Ron, I've gone back'n forth on this. The (personal) Christian in me is sensitive to the plight of others. My experience dealing nation to nation is that we are incompetent and impotent to affect change in a part of the world that views us as 'dog chit'! Over time, our efforts/message have been as inconsistent as a 'crack-Momma's'! I have been and remain more nationalistic with my evolving stance and decry again...become oil independent, pull back our global influence (like the ancient cultures have, i.e, China, Japan, etc.) and focus on securing our borders and advancing our military technologies. The babies we're trying to save over there will most probably grow into disgruntled angry youth who want to kill us. A reason to turn our face away?...maybe not?...maybe so?...but what's an infidel to do? Some neighborhoods of this world do not wish to evolve and I'm 'OVAH' trying to penetrate the bowels of Earthly Hell to save the few good souls there, as a national strategy. As I said, our government sucks at it. Somewhere after WWII, we collectively lost our unity and character and are now a fragmented populace. Not good when you're trying to reshape the globe in our image! As a planet, a group, a force or a team, we cannot collectively advance until we are all on the same page. That's not happening globally amongst cultures. So we either remain stagnant in place or push ahead and lead by example. I say let's cut our ties and move forward. However...the Leftist here will retard (great word!) our collective progress and tether us to inward turmoil and division. quote Merle, "I think I'll just stay here and drink..."