Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I recently visited a VA Medical facility and was greeted by a sign at the entrance. This is what the sign said. “Welcome to the VA Medical Hospital. Crazed killers, terrorists, mass murderers, and all other assorted nut cases are safe here because we will not allow any sane, registered gun owner to carry a weapon on these premises.” Well, that’s not exactly what it said. Actually it said that no guns are allowed on the grounds of a VA facility. Now if I were a crazed killer and wanted to create havoc, I would much prefer to do my killing in a facility where I knew there would be no armed resistance.

This brings us to the events at the Navy facility in Washington, DC and at Ft. Hood. In 1993, then President Bill Clinton issued an edict that no one could have a gun in their possession while on a military base. Of all the stupidity that came out of the Clinton White House, this has to rank right up there as the stupidest. That’s like telling a police department that no police officer can have a gun on them while they are in the police station.

As a former member of the military I can assure you that we were given the best training in gun use and gun safety possible. Additionally, prior to our acceptance in the military we were checked out. Not just anybody can enter the service. Background checks were extensive and complete.

So here we are dealing with yet another result of Clinton’s ridiculous act. Obviously the shooting at Ft. Hood could have been considerably less tragic if those members of the military in the room were armed. Nidal Hassan would have been DRT. That means dead right there. Hassan knew no one would be armed. He knew he could kill at will without anyone stopping him. He was ultimately stopped a someone from the outside.

This nut case in Washington entered a Naval Base armed with a gun but also armed with the knowledge that no one could stop him. Again he was ultimately a someone from the outside. This of course after he already killed twelve innocent people who were sitting ducks.  

Isn’t it about time that we, all of us, including liberal Democrats, came to understand that guns are not evil? Guns are not scary. Guns are just tools like a hammer or a screwdriver are tools. Guns in the hands of sane, normal individuals are no more dangerous than a hammer in the hands of a carpenter. But, a hammer in the hands of a crazed killer is at least as dangerous as any gun I know of.  What about that is so difficult for the left to understand? To tell American service personnel that they are not trustworthy enough to be armed while on base is patently ridiculous. Being armed defenders of America and her way of life is their job. Such a rule is an insult to their character as well as harmful to their survival.

We absolutely must get over our inordinate fear of guns and put the blame where it belongs. It is the perpetrator not the tool. It is the nut case, not the gun. I will say this yet again. The only way to stop a gun is with a gun. Just look at both of the cases I cited above.

Let’s re-arm our military members in the same way we allow our police officers to be armed. Don’t make them sitting ducks for any freak who has a grudge.

Ron Scarbro September 18, 2013


Anonymous said...

When I was a kid most of the boys had their own guns or at least had ready access to one, and no one seemed too concerned about it. I have no memory of anyone shooting up their schools or ex bosses or anything else. Guns served a purpose and were respected. Now what I can't get over is how evil the guns have become. We need to watch them, they may go crazy and shoot up an armory somewhere.

Jwo- said...

Ron, all these crazed assholes aren't crazy enough to go after those who can protect themselves...which to me means...THEY 'AINT THAT CRAZY! Try to tell that Colorado movie theater killer to just sit in the wooden chair and hold this wire. Bet he 'aint THAT crazy! Why do all the voices in their heads always want to kill people? The voices in my head all say stuff like, "I want some more hot Golden Doughnuts!" or "I wish she was nekkid!"...or...they won't quit singing that damn song (lately, "Thanks alot" by Ernest Tubb...they do all sound good together, I give'm that...them's some harmonizin' fools!)

Also, Liberals are THE WORST at trying to fix things! Seriously, everytime I've ever burned bread, for example, I didn't blame the bread or the toaster. But Liberals want to remove the cursed tool that caused the horror...ANY horror! It stems from their one main consistent core belief...that they're better than everyone else...they know better and can run your life better (but it would be easier for them if we didn't have any guns). So, they try to Socialize everything, so THEY can orchestrate the world according to them...the 'intellects'. And the only ones that can come near to rivaling their idiocy is the Congressional Right! Honestly, when will we as a culture learn to limit our government only to what they can handle...paving roads, waging war and being collectively dumber (at work) than the rest of us.

In closing, the Liberals who 'brilliantly' spout that violence never solved solved the hell outta World War II! Ask Hitler how our violence affected his..oh wait...he's dead. Ask Mussolini how our guns solved...uhmmm...let me move on...

Wherever there's unarmed people gathered en masse, there should be a sign nearby that states, "Wildebeast Herd". Then those of us who hunt predators can sit nearby with our guns and six-packs and wait for the "crazies" to emerge from the tall grass. Now THAT'S hunting!!!