Wednesday, November 6, 2013


If you like your current health insurance policy, you can keep it. Turns out that was a lie. Not a mistake, a lie. If you like the doctor you now have, you can keep him. Again, not a mistake, just another lie. Why would it be necessary for Obama to lie to us in order to get Obamacare on the books? Well I remember a time when I went in to the doctor for a procedure. He told me that it wouldn’t hurt a bit. Well it did. I asked him why he would tell me that it wouldn’t hurt? He said if I told you the truth I would have had to chase you down the hall to do the procedure. That, of course, is why Obama has lied to America. Had he told the truth it would never have gotten off the ground. So, he lied to us. He lied to Congress. Now we are left with the aftermath of his lies.

Insurance companies are canceling existing policies because they do not qualify under the requirements of Obamacare. It now seems even though you might be sixty years old, your health insurance policy must offer birth control protection. It must also include treatment for alcoholism, maternity benefits, and drug rehabilitation. If your policy doesn’t have those coverages, they are deemed to be substandard. In other words, you must buy and pay for coverage you will never use in order that those who might need that coverage will be covered.

And don’t worry about that little statement in the application for Obamacare about your expectation of privacy. Why should you expect privacy anyway? Your government needs all the information they can get on you so they can keep track of your movements and your thoughts. They need to be sure that you don’t say anything your President might not like. Besides everybody knows that whatever you tell your government is secure. They won’t tell anybody, right? Just ask the IRS. As a side note I am aware of a lady whose job it was to enter doctor’s files into a computer. She worked for a private firm who did that sort of thing. One day she ran across an acquaintance who was being treated for a very private condition. She shared that information with me. We thought it was funny but in looking back, that individual’s expectation of privacy was a joke. Just like yours is on a government website.

What we now have is a mess of lies. President Obama has lied. Kathleen Sebelius has lied. There are more whoppers coming out of Washington than from Burger King. Some have said they’re not lying, they just don’t know any better. Okay, which is worse, liars or incompetents?  And if Obamacare is so bad that the authors of it have to lie to make it happen, should it be the law?

Some are saying that Obama and his handlers knew all along that Obamacare wouldn’t work but pursued it anyway in order to bring about a single payer system. I disagree. I don’t think either Obama or his handlers are that smart. To me they are all just clueless stumblebums.

The simple answer is to change the makeup of the lawmakers. Let’s get rid of these career politicians and start with fresh blood. I care less about their political party affiliation and more about their character. And character is what has been missing. We need some adults in Congress. We especially need adults in the White House. What we have now is what we have chosen by our votes. It is obvious to even the most liberal that ours have been bad choices. We desperately need a change.

Ron Scarbro November 6, 2013 

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