Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Let’s see now if I have this straight. About four million people have signed up for Obamacare but no one seems to know how many have actually paid. The original  goal by March 31st was eight million. That was changed to seven million, then six million, and now they will be lucky if they get five million and who knows how many of those will actually pay their premium. In the meantime approximately six million existing policies have been cancelled because they don’t measure up to ACA requirements.

Initially the Administration said they needed a large majority of the signups to be young healthy individuals, but that isn’t happening. Estimates are somewhere around twenty-five percent. These are not good numbers. Let’s face it. This whole deal is an unmitigated disaster. It is no wonder that Kathleen Sebelius is trying to hide the numbers. If I were in charge of this mess I would try to hide them too.

One of the big problems with all this is Democrats cannot run from it. They and they alone caused it and they and they alone are responsible for it. There will be no place to hide. No amount of spin is going to fix this mess.

So if you are a Democrat and you want to win an election, what do you do? What if you are an incumbent and you want to run for reelection, what do you do? Do you run as a supporter of Obamacare? Do you brag that you voted for this turkey? Do you invite Obama to your district to campaign for you? Far be it from me to offer help to the Democrats, but to all of the above, I think I would just say no. President Obama and his programs have become a boat anchor to the Democrat party. The smart ones will run in the opposite direction.

Another big problem for the country is that Obama surely knows his days are numbered. He has to know that after this midterm election, he will not have a supportive Congress to rubber stamp his programs. So he has apparently decided to “use his pen” to enact legislation and get what he wants. I am sure he believes the Democrat Senate will let him get away with it. I offer this bit of caution to the Democrats however. Be very careful. Just look at what this blind approval has already caused.

True to his word, Obama promised to fundamentally change America and change it he has. Now it will take years to fix the mess he has created.

When Obamacare was first introduced there were supposedly some thirty million uninsured people in this country. Now, with the number of signups and the number of cancellations, the problem is only worse.

Today if a gang banger in  any major city gets shot or stabbed will he go to the emergency ward and be treated? Do you really think he will have insurance? Will the illegal alien who has an accident while driving on our highways without a license be treated? Will he have insurance? How about all the others who refuse to buy insurance protection, will they get treatment? Of course they will and nothing that has happened will change that.

All of the drama caused by Obamacare is so unnecessary. The fundamental change offered by Obama is also unnecessary. Granted, the medical industry in this country needs reform. Obamacare isn’t the answer. After March 31, what then?

Ron Scarbro

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