Wednesday, March 26, 2014


If a president intentionally lies in order to get a law passed, is it still a law? Should it be enforceable?  Must we obey it? But wait a minute, you say. What if that law is all about giving health insurance to people who can’t afford to buy their own? Isn’t the end, insurance for poor people, worth the necessary lies to get it passed? In other words, doesn’t the end justify the means even if the means is outright lying? I’ll let you form your own judgement. I have formed mine.

If a president says publicly that even if you are living in the same household as illegal aliens you can go ahead and sign up for Obamacare because nobody in the government will check out the legal status of your housemates. Is there anything wrong with that? If you know that you are living with a person who has committed a crime and you don’t report it, aren’t  you guilty of aiding and abetting crime and harboring criminals? Would it be any different if, for example, the crime was bank robbery, or kidnapping, or arson, or child molestation? In other words, what crimes are really crimes and what crimes are just suggestions? You’ll forgive my ignorance but I thought crime was crime.

What if a president decided that we are just too harsh when it comes to deporting illegal trespassers and that we should be more compassionate? We might be breaking up a family. Often it appears, illegal aliens come here, marry legal citizens, and start families. Should we just look the other way? What’s next? If a person with a wife and children robs a bank, or hijacks a car, or kills somebody, should we just forgive him because we don’t want to break up his family by putting him in prison? In other words, when do we realize that crime is crime? People who break the law should suffer the punishment called for in that law.

I guess what I am asking is this, shouldn’t the President of this country be held as responsible for law breaking as anyone else? Shouldn’t the President be held accountable for what he says just like everybody else is? Where in our book of laws is any government official exempt from the law? The answer is of course, there is no exemption, president, attorney general, or anyone. No one is above the law.  

Over the last several years the office of President has become something other than what I believe our Founders envisioned. It seems our presidents dominate the news every day. I think they see themselves as some sort of royalty and it didn’t start with this President, it has just dramatically increased recently. The so-called mainstream media serves to add to all the pomp.

We the people need to put government officials back in their place. We do not elect emperors or kings. Presidents do not make laws and they also do not get a pass when they break laws. All government employees from the President on down need to be held accountable for their violations of the law regardless of their positions. Media outlets who cover for lawbreakers are aiding and abetting illegal activity and they too should be held accountable. All would-be emperors and kings and liars in general need not apply when it comes to leadership positions in America. Frankly we’ve had enough.

Ron Scarbro

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