Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Like most of you, I’m sure, I watched the Republican Presidential Debates on Fox News. This column will be a discussion of my thoughts on those debates, who won, who lost, and who just showed up. Truth be told, it is extremely difficult to get one’s points across in one or two minute sound bites, but those were the rules and the same rules applied to everyone on the stage. All in all I thought the debates were entertaining, enlightening, and fair.

There were for me some surprises. Surprise number one was Carly Fiorina. She came across much more intelligent and prepared than I thought she would. She showed herself to be a true statesman/stateswoman. Polished, smooth and sophisticated. I liked her. My next surprise was Marco Rubio. I was expecting a very young inexperienced politician. What I saw instead was a mature educated Senator with a firm grasp of the world and our place in it. I liked him too. Another surprise for me was Gov. John Kasich. He looked Presidential. He was calm, assured, and competent. I came away with a new appreciation for Kasich.

A big disappointment for me was Donald Trump. He looked out of place. He was angry, dour, and mean. I didn’t like him and I doubt many others across the country did either. The sooner he goes back to his other world, the better.

I watched the debates looking for another Ronald Reagan and sadly I didn’t find him. I was hoping to see an individual who showed heart and courage but with the strength it will take to be President and deal with this world. I wanted to see a traditional American with the heart of a conservative. I’ve been told that Reagan was a once-in-a-lifetime guy. That’s probably true but that doesn’t mean I can’t hope. There was no Ronald Reagan there but there were some very good stand-ins.

Who won the debates? I think the American people won the debates. They won because in this group of candidates on the Republican side were people of character, wisdom, and true leadership ability. Almost any one of them would do a much better job than has been done over the past few years.

I think the loser in the debates was the Democrat party. When compared with the quality of individuals on the stage in Cleveland, the entire Democrat entourage looks lame and second rate. I cannot imagine Hillary Clinton as Commander-in-Chief of our military and God help us if Bernie Sanders gets the nomination. In fact it is clear to me that any of the announced Democrats will just be a continuation of the failed Presidency of Barack Obama or worse.

I am not prepared at this time to tell you my personal favorite. I like Bush, Walker, and Huckabee. They are all Governors or former Governors. I like that executive experience. Like you I will watch closely as this race unfolds. There will be several more debates. All of these fine people will be vetted to their fullest. Picking among them makes America the winner and we need a win. Those who don’t make it will be great candidates for the Cabinet. I like Dr. Ben Carson. An intelligent man with the heart of a surgeon. Our government needs people like Carson but in a policy making job. Not as the ceremonial Surgeon General.  

Finally, the world is watching. They are watching and hoping we make the right decision. What we need is a Republican candidate who can win. America needs that, the world needs that. I need that.

Ron Scarbro

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Jwo- said...

I agree with pretty much everything you said except your stance on Trump. I too believe Carson is awesome and much like "when you cross a tiger with a parakeet"...when he talks, you listen. Fiorina was excellent, as was Mike was Rubio, Cruz, Paul...pretty much everyone but Graham. I thought the guy on the end (1st debate) said some really good things too, although I can't recall his name...late arrival, older chance to win but good comments. Anyway, we have some excellent leaders from which to choose and I'll be enthused to support whomever is ultimately our champion!

I thought Trump did fine and I also believe that the questions posed to him differed from those posed to others. I believe there's a strong bias against him from the Republican hierarchy, Erik Erikson (and Rupert Murdock) and the moderators applied that pressure. I thought Wallace's handling & peppering of him re: Mexico strategy was almost ridiculous. He's posing a question on negotiation strategy and obviously knows very little about don't tell/show your hand when asked speak only in generalities. I thought Trump's reaction & response was classic, as I was responding the same way! ;^) I need to hear more of his tax strategy...I know he's for a simpler graduated system and I want a FairTax and abolishment of the IRS. I love Megyn (who doesn't?) but that dust-up was over-hyped and over-played...and the interpretation of his reply belies the mis-interpretation reflective of agendas. Only someone with a depraved mind (like me!) :-) would envision that kind of answer coming from him. Anyway, I've listened to his explanation and its real and story, nothing to see here, move on.

Trump, Fiorina & Carson all are empowered by our collective dissatisfaction of politics as usual, politicians and Washington. As we've discussed, I believe our system is broken and abused by both parties, over our Country's lifespan to date, and only someone outside the "machine" that created such can fix such. We are a Capitalist society and we need a strong Capitalist to enact reforms and 'un-screw' us! Someone bold and brazen enough to reverse EVERY DAMN THING obama(spit!) has created/enacted! That's my beliefs. Trump negotiates like none other, his dominant stance is maintained without need from others and I believe he is the one to herd China, Mexico, Japan, the Middle East and Russia back into the places they belong. I think Fiorina is 'Trump-lite' and agree Carson (love him!) would be best suited for Surgeon General, this time out. However, I'd vote for him in a heartbeat, if he were our ultimate choice! Not a great fan of Christy but I don't dislike him...just too 'RINO'. I too thought Kasich was awesome but have felt so for awhile...always liked his stance on most things. Perry seems to hit his ceiling somewhere in the Cabinet but not for President. Jeb says good things but I'm really sick of the 'establishment' politicians and really don't want to watch another interview with Karl Rove, knowwhatImean? No more Bush's and Clintons (Hell no!). Frankly, Bernie Sanders would be the perfect opponent...he'd win in the NE and CA/OR/WA but elsewhere would be buried! The Left, specifically minorities, would stay home and not support...old, grey, dull white thanks.

All in all, I can't wait for the next debate! These are fun!

On another note, 21 days 'til kickoff! ;^D