Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Did you hear about the guy sitting at the bar drinking heavily? The bartender says I thought you told your wife that you had quit drinking. The boozer replied, I did, but I didn’t tell her that I quit lying.

I thought of this when I started learning about the nuclear treaty the Obama Administration had signed with Iran.

Signing a treaty with known liars like Iran is quite similar to signing treaties with another known liar, North Korea. Liars lie. It’s what they do. The chances of Iran honoring their commitment to the free world are virtually nil. Eventually we are going to have to deal with these people and all the phony treaties in the world are not going to stop the need for our intervention. Iran is dedicated to the proposition that Israel must be destroyed. It is a religious requirement of them. There is a real probability that Israel will take out Iran before the ink even dries on this illegal, Mickey Mouse treaty. If the Republican controlled Congress allows this nonsense to go forward they all should be removed from office.

The reason Iran begged us to come to the negotiation table in the first place was that they were economically falling apart. We had them over a barrel. But, when John Kerry sat down with them you would have thought the reverse was true. He gave away the farm and Iran agreed to nothing that would allow us to inspect and confirm their keeping their word. Iran still has at least four hostages and we are about to reward them with a release of the sanctions that brought them to their knees. Totally unacceptable.

The President says a bad deal is better than no deal. He also has said that we should tell him if we have a better idea. How about this. No, Iran. We will not remove the sanctions and in fact we may well increase them. How about this? Release the American hostages and never touch another American again at risk of your very existence. We are acting like Iran has the upper hand in these negotiations. The truth is they are hurting and if we don’t remove these sanctions, they will become far more pliable. And do you really think Israel is going to just sit by and let Iran develop a nuclear bomb? Those chances are slim and none.

I have written before citing none other than the US Constitution that any treaty agreed to by this President but without consent and ratification of two thirds of the Senate is illegal and unenforceable. Obama’s veto threat is valueless. We have rules and even the President has to obey them. Where is the national media on this issue? Clearly neither this president nor any president can legally agree to any treaty with any foreign government without the consent of two thirds of the Senate. Any such “Presidential Proclamation” could be eliminated by the next President.

Iran played Jimmy Carter like a cheap fiddle and then Ronald Reagan came into office. It became clear to them almost immediately that there was a new sheriff in town. They buckled and decided that there was no future in trying the same tactics with Reagan. Iran, North Korea, and countries like them understand only force and they respond only to force. Today I suspect that the rulers in Iran are chuckling as they consider the deal they made with Kerry. That laughter will cease when they come to realize that their little treaty is illegal and unenforceable. We obviously need a new sheriff.

Ron Scarbro

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Jwo- said...

I am absolutely convinced that this POS-in-Chief poser and his America-hating cabinet, crew and sycophants are determined to bring America to parody with the rest of the failed governments and half-assed ideologies, comprising the rest of this planet. No fool, idiot or retard can enact the ideas and policies they've concocted, without wanting to damage the fabric of this once great nation. I can't wait until a 'Trump' or some unafraid & unintimidated leader is elected and erases the very memory & stain of the last 8 years! One thing the obama(spit!) reign has highlighted...the media, entertainment & education have created, along with failed Leftist-Democrap policies, a lowest common denominator model for our kids to aspire. Everyone wants to be a punk, thug or anarchist and our streets and cities reflect such.

Where does the incredulity end...Iran deal, Benghazi, Fast-and-Furious, the IRS scandal, obamacare, Clinton's private email felonies, taking ALL your friends and introductions around the world on vacations that cost the public MILLIONS, the Apology Tour, the Iraq destabilization, Travon Martin, the punk in Ferguson, Freddie Grey, Putin, Ukraine, our Southern border, immigration, on and on and on...

And the elected Right shows hardly any difference between themselves and the Left, in voting results. Our Conservative leadership (Boehner, Graham, McCain, et al) is doing NOTHING! How can we elect a majority in both houses and still have obamacare in force, still fund Planned Parenthood and cave at every opportunity?

We not only need a new sheriff...we need new deputies, new candidates, new justices...a wholesale cleaning & cleansing of our government, its agencies, revamped education standards, dismantling of the IRS, EPA, et al. The Iran deal is just one more example of the American self-hatred from the Left and their passive attack on Israel and our Christian ideologies & foundings.