Wednesday, May 24, 2017


As a youngster I heard that phrase often. “Wishing won’t make it so.” Just because you want something and even wish you had it, that doesn’t necessarily make it happen. The phrase is appropriate today because of the situation facing the liberal nut jobs of this country along with their partners in stupidity, the main stream media.

They so want the story of Russian influence in the election of Trump to be true. Sadly for them, it is nothing but a lie concocted by the Hillary Clinton campaign after she lost the election. It always was and continues to be nonsense. I am reminded of something I learned from my study of world history. It was thought by the enemies of the free world during WWII that if you tell a lie, and tell it often, sooner or later it becomes the truth for some people. It is called propaganda.

For their part, the mainstream media doesn’t care if a story is true. They are so consumed by their hatred of Donald Trump and so distraught by the election loss by their Queen, Hillary, they have chosen to do anything or print anything they can to delegitimize the Presidency of Donald Trump. If that means continuing a concocted story with no supporting facts, so be it. The credibility of the media is at stake. I personally doubt most of the mainstream media will ever recover from their failure to deal with just the truth and continue to print innuendo and rumor as fact. The best fiction writers would have difficulty coming up with such a story line.

So, here’s my question. What’s going to happen when the truth comes out and it is proven that the entire story was just a made up lie? Will the left be ashamed? Will they feel sorry for the fact that they bought into such nonsense? Will the media print retractions and mea culpas? Will there be firings at major news outlets? What is going to happen?

My guess is nothing will happen. In order to be ashamed, one must have shame. I am convinced the left has no shame. Meanwhile the rest of the country, the fly over part, will reject what has been for generations their source of news and try to find the truth elsewhere. The media should be ashamed but sadly they probably won’t be.

Meanwhile our President is over in the Middle East reaffirming America’s position in the world. He will once again establish that we are in fact the dominant force for good in the world and he will call for the destruction of terrorism and for all those who support and finance it. If you happened to hear his speech in Riyadh, you heard America at her best represented by a President who truly is the image of our strength and our commitment to our allies. It really doesn’t matter what the media thinks of Trump or what they try to do to take him down. He is our President and will serve his entire term and probably be reelected for another four years when this term is ended.

The other day I saw Dan Rather giving his opinion of something. What Dan doesn’t get is that nobody cares what he thinks. He long ago lost all credibility. His situation should be a notice to the media today. As surely as you can rise, you can fall. Printing lies in the hope you can change history will be your undoing and wishing your lies were true will not make them so.

Ron Scarbro

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