Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Have you ever traveled through an airport and had to take off your shoes? Have you had your deodorant taken away from you by the TSA and tossed? Have you had occasion to enter a church or a courthouse, or for that matter any public building and had to pass through a metal detector? If you have, it’s because of them.

If you have turned on the news only to learn of the latest mass killing of innocent men and women or even children, it’s because of them. If you have altered your travel plans or even your shopping plans or how about your planned attendance at a sporting event or a concert, it is because of them.

The them to which I am referring are, of course, the radical Muslim Islamist terrorists. If, like me, you have witnessed obvious Muslim people in full native dress and you are taken aback and more alert, especially on an airplane, it’s not prejudice. No, it’s because of them.

After this latest tragedy in Manchester, England, I heard several talking heads saying that they cannot defeat us. We are too strong for them. Ultimately they will lose and this will all be over. Well guess again. The fact is they are beating us. They are changing the way we live. They are the reason our lives have changed.

Today I want to offer a possible solution to our dilemma. I believe it is time for us to be the terrorists for a change. We should create a situation where, at the sound of one of our aircraft, these radical Muslims dive for cover and cower in fear. Here’s how to make that happen. We start bombing any and all areas of the world where they hide or take refuge. We take out any and all sources of revenue they depend on for financing their little jihads. We hunt down and kill any individual or group who finances any terrorist activity.

A good start would be to lay bare the entire country of Iran. The idea that these goat herders could or would ever be twenty-first century world citizens is nonsense. They are playing us for fools and our previous administration bought into it. They will not stop until they have nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them. When that happens it will be too late for most of the free world.

Today we heard from more Hollywood celebrities who offer counsel to the rest of us. Just love each other. Offer our hand in friendship. That will fix the problem, they say. I have a suggestion to all of these spoiled little rich kids, shut up and sing. You are paid big bucks to entertain. Entertain.  Go back into your guarded, gated compounds and leave the world’s problems to the adults. Your naivety just makes you look silly.

Many, many families in Manchester will be arranging for funerals for their children, their babies, because of the twisted minds of some radical losers. Because of them people will fear going out of their homes. Because of them people will change the way they live. I think it is time for the Muslim terrorists to fear. Fear because of us.

Today we need to begin an all-out campaign to wipe out any and all refuge for these morons. Stack their bodies in the streets. Let those who support them or even look the other way smell their rotting flesh. There will no doubt be collateral damage. So be it. They caused it so let them deal with it. We have heard that we cannot shoot our way out of this mess. I don’t know about you but I’m willing to give it a try. Everywhere in the world we have decided to end war, we have succeeded. We can end this also. And when it ends, not if, it will be because of us.

Ron Scarbro

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