Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I think I’m in an alternate universe. A few days ago I watched as has-been comedienne Kathy Griffin showed up on TV carrying what appeared to be a severed, bloody head of our President, Donald Trump. Disgusting, sick, and sad on every level. If I were in charge she would be arrested for threatening the life of the President. She has been roundly criticized and even fired from several jobs she had previously been contracted for.

Then, and this is where it really gets strange, she holds a press conference blaming Trump, his family, and older white men everywhere for ruining her life. This is the first time she has been funny in years. What an idiot. Go away Kathy while you still can. You could be facing life in Federal Prison for your stupidity. It couldn’t happen soon enough for me.

The students at Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington decided that there was just too much “white privilege.” To combat that, they decided that they would observe a “one day of no whites on campus.” It seems a white professor didn’t go along with their stupidity so the students did what idiots do. They demanded this professor resign because of his racism. The President of the college sided with the students. Fortunately the Legislature in Washington stepped in and introduced a bill to remove all funding from this school. Minorities have worked for years for equality and in just a few days some white students chose to set them back generations. Talk about racism.

President Trump has decided to remove us from the feckless, worthless, Paris Accord on global climate change. This was nothing more than a wealth redistribution from America to third world countries. Using “global warming” as a trigger to sell almost anything leftist and green has gotten really tiresome. Of course the lamestream media is all over this. Pulling out, according to them, is the end of the world as we know it. The Marshall Islands will soon be under water. Miami Beach will as well. If they are, I hope John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and their ilk will be vacationing there when it happens.

Another thing I have noticed in this alternate universe is the regular appearance of loser Hillary Clinton on TV shows wearing clothing made out of old Volkswagen seat covers. Some ladies just shouldn’t wear checkered prints, just saying. She seems intent on blaming everything and everybody for her loss except for the real reason, herself of course. I feel sad for those who championed her as their leader. She is nothing but a hopeless loser.

I cannot understand why the left hates America and her traditions so much. I have known for several years that wealthy liberals feel guilt because of their wealth, but it seems to have infected some non-rich as well. For some unknown reason they all seem to want to turn this magnificent country into the cesspool that Europe has become.

Countries have borders for reasons many in Europe are now discovering as they watch the European Union collapse. We have borders and we are going to secure them whether the left likes it or not. Spain is not France. Germany is not England. Mexico is not America either. We are all separate autonomous countries. We have separate currencies and we have separate governments. In most cases we have separate languages. We do not freely travel in and out of separate countries without permission, Visa and passport. We certainly do not immigrate without official permission. Like it or not, liberals, it’s the law and it will be enforced.

Will this universe find normalcy? Can and will we return to traditional America? Will America survive the idiocy of those on the left who seem determined to kill her? Time and the grace of God will tell.

Ron Scarbro

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