Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Recently I was shopping with my wife. We do that often. On this occasion we were looking for home supplies. She needed some Kleenex. I watched as she stood in front of the display. There were many choices, but they were all Kleenex. I asked what was taking so long to buy a box of Kleenex. She said she was looking for a particular color of box to match the color of our bathroom. Say what? I cannot be the only man in the world who didn’t know that ladies buy Kleenex in boxes that are designed to match the color of the room where they will be placed. Ah, sweet mysteries of life.

There are many mysteries of life. Some are not so sweet. Here’s an example of a vile mystery of life. Let’s say you are a world renowned, multi-millionaire, television and movie star, but the only way you can score with the ladies is to drug them into unconsciousness. That doesn’t say a lot for your sex appeal does it? And when you do that, is it an accomplishment? Is it a victory? Or is it just a vulgar illegal act of control by a rapist? Another mystery of life.

There are still more mysteries. There is this little, fat, dictator in North Korea who starves his people to death spending all his country’s wealth on weaponry which will be rendered worthless in a matter of seconds if he ever tried to use it. He is daring the world to take him out. He is even daring his own people to get rid of him. Trust me. He is a short timer on this earth whether the world deals with him or his own people. I am sure this is one mystery which will soon be solved.

Did you think I would write a piece about the mysteries of life and leave out one of the biggest? Not a chance. There is this former President who dodged the draft, went on to be elected to various offices in his southern state, became the nominee for the Presidency as a Democrat and was elected, twice. While serving as President, he had an illicit affair with at least one lady and probably many more. One however, kept the evidence. Oops. This President was subsequently impeached, disbarred from the practice of law for lying to a Grand Jury, and sent packing with his tail between his legs only to be resurrected back into prominence by the Democrat party. Now that is truly one of the great mysteries of life. Doesn’t say much for the character of the Democrats does it?

Next on my list of mysteries is the media. Historically the media has been governed by the four w’s. That’s who, what, where, and when. Lately they have added the fifth “w” which stands for why. They now want to tell you the news and then go on to explain how you should deal with it. They want you to see stories strictly from their point of view without regard for the truth of the situation. This then becomes opinion rather than hard news. It is no mystery why they want to control all information getting to the American people, the mystery is why the American people are putting up with it. Another mystery is why would the media alienate well over 50% of the country to foment their silly agenda? Recent polls are showing that the American people are relying less and less on the mainstream media. They just cannot be trusted.

In life, mysteries come and go but truth seems to always find its way to the surface. And truth will find its way again as we soon will all see regarding the Russian interference into our election for President and the Trump campaign’s involvement. This will be quite disturbing to many on the left. Ah, sweet mysteries of life.

Ron Scarbro

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