Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I don’t want this to come as a shock to you, but there are some real nut cases running loose in this country. They could be your neighbor or your co-worker. In fact they could be anybody. Mostly, however, they tend to be loners, either physically or virtually. Many are very intelligent. Do you remember Ted Kaczynski? He is brilliant, a Harvard graduate as a teenager, but he is crazy.

As I understand Kaczynski, I see an individual who takes himself away from any family or any friends. He does this because he wants to conjure up images and thoughts in his mind and he doesn’t want anybody to challenge any of his thoughts. He doesn’t want debate or discussion. He wants to believe that because he, brilliant as he is, thinks it, it has to be true.

Is Kaczynski evil? By normal human standards, by all means. Did he set out to be evil? I think not. He just thought up evil acts and being unchallenged, rationalized them to be good. I doubt that even today, he sees his acts as evil. Like I said, he’s crazy.

This clown who decided to shoot up the Republican baseball practice probably sat there shooting thinking that people were going to be proud of him. In his feeble mind he probably thought he was doing good. He was also crazy.

We want crazy people to look crazy and in many cases they do. But, there are many who don’t. They just show up, having made a crazy decision, and act on it.

The killers in Orlando, San Bernardino, and Boston were all crazy, but they were also evil and motivated by evil. The shooter of the baseball practice was self- motivated. He probably saw himself as a warrior for his cause and believed that people would applaud his actions. As it turns out, he and the others have just become so much garbage rotting and turning back into the dust they came from.

Of course the liberals will scream “gun control.” There are just too many guns. The fact is there are not enough guns. You see what stopped the shooter at the baseball practice. It was another gun. In fact, all of the above killers were stopped by guns except for Kaczynski who rots in prison for the rest of his natural life.

In our “cyber” culture some people have friends they have never met. They see themselves as a part of a group that only exists in cyberspace. They read and follow only like-minded and like-thinking. They are never challenged for their craziness. Many live in total isolation, either physically or virtually. Then, suddenly, for reasons known only to them, they give themselves permission to act on their craziness.

Their neighbors and families say that he was always just a quiet individual who kept to himself. We always thought he was a bit strange but we never imagined he was capable of this. But when they reexamine the past, they remember unexplainable things. There usually seems to be telltale signs.

In America one cannot be charged with the crime of thinking evil, only acting on it. Then it’s too late.

We absolutely need to tone down the rhetoric from politicians and the mainstream media. There are nut cases out there who are looking for permission to do crazy things and they often get their marching orders from the TV set or the newspaper. They listen to their heroes in Hollywood and think they are doing good. Imagine what Kathy Griffin’s little act of stupidity does to some people who are already on the edge of reality. They sit around playing violent games on their electronic devices. They live in a fantasy world. A world that comes crashing down when they pick up their guns or their bombs and emulate the characters in their fantasy games.

Be aware. Be careful. Watch for craziness. If you see something, say something.

Ron Scarbro

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