Thursday, August 18, 2011


A new Gallup poll was released this past week-end which showed Obama’s approval ratings. The numbers were 36% approval with 54% disapproval. These are somewhat remarkable numbers, not because 54% disapproved, but that 36% approved. As I considered these results, I had a few questions.

Who exactly are these 36% and what is there about the last three years that has so enamored them that they approve? Is it the fact of nine plus percent unemployment that they approve of? Nine plus with no relief in sight. Do they think this is a good job on the part of the president? Just asking.

How about a stagnant economy with a falling stock market and a down grade of our credit rating for the first time in our history. Maybe it is the sour business climate that is causing owners and managers to sit on their money with no desire to risk growth and hire anybody. Steve Wynn, a devout democrat who owns many huge resorts and casinos in Las Vegas, has stated for the record that he will continue to shy away from any growth until the government gets out of the way and lets business happen. Is this what the 36% like? Just asking.

Possibly it is the new health care law pushed by Obama and shoved through the Congress. A law which will doubtlessly be ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and tossed. A Federal Appeals Court has just found that to be the case for the 20 plus states which filed the suit. This law which has proven to be the primary reason business has, across the board, decided to adopt a wait and see attitude before even considering any new growth or hiring. Maybe this is the reason 36% of the respondents found favor with Barak Obama. Is this it? Just asking.

I’ll bet it is the fact that real estate has been in the dumper for all the time Obama has been in office with no relief in sight. That’s probably it. Who cares if your home isn’t worth what you paid for it? Maybe you can just hang on to it until things get better? Just asking.

Of course there is this. Our reputation all over the world is also in the toilet. Vladimir Putin says we are a parasite on the world’s economy. Vladimir Putin? Are you kidding me? China, who holds billions of our debt, has said we had better clean up our act. China? Are you crazy? These are the facts folks. These have to be the reasons 36% of those polled think Obama is doing a good job. Do you agree? Just asking.

I also read recently that regardless of whomever the Republicans nominate for President, at least 40% of voters will vote for Obama. It apparently is a party thing. Either they aren’t paying attention or they really believe this new direction is the proper way for us to go.

I have a different opinion. It seems to me that four or five more years of what we have just been through might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I truly do not know if we are strong enough to repel this nonsense. We have an increasing number of dependent people coming out to vote. I am sure this is where you would find the 36% who found favor with Obama. He promised change and by golly, we have seen change. I am not alone in my belief that the real change the liberals want is the abolition of capitalism. I am sure they see government as the be all and end all.

Finally I do not believe capitalism and socialism can co-exist. One of them has to go. If you think you would like to live in a socialistic state, consider most of the European countries. After a few months, you may well change your mind. Is this what we as a country want? Just asking.

Ron Scarbro August 18, 2011


Anonymous said...

I, too, believe time is running out.
It is the time for some politicians to look out for the country rather than holding their seats.
Unfortunately, I don't believe it will happen.

Anonymous said...

lock up your guns people and bunker down and prepare for the worst this might the death of this country