Sunday, August 21, 2011


The so-called hikers in Iran have been found guilty and sentenced to eight years for the so-called crimes committed against Iran. Was there ever any doubt of what the outcome of that little fiasco would be? I have some thoughts on this issue.

Today I am ashamed of my State Dept. and of the President for allowing this crap to continue. Nobody, including the Iranians, believes these morons are spies. All I know about them is they are Cal Berkeley graduates who decided to tempt fate by wandering around in a war zone. Stupidity, however, should not be a crime. And so I ask myself. What would Eisenhower do? What would Harry Truman do? What do you suppose Reagan would do?

Personally I don’t care about the two idiots who are being sent to jail. When you play with fire, you are likely to get burnt. What I care about is being made to look like a punk by a third world government who is a cancer on the rest of the world. How do you think the world is viewing our response to this blackmail? Do you believe they see us as diplomatic for sitting on our thumbs while a backward little dictator makes us look foolish? Or do they think we are cowards? You be the judge.

I will tell you what my response would be. I also think the former Presidents I mentioned earlier would have a similar reaction to events like this.

I would put the message out to Iran loudly and clearly for them and all the world to hear. The message would be that Iran has twenty four hours to deliver these two hikers to a destination of my choice and in perfect health. No excuses would be considered or allowed. Failure to comply with this demand would result in the immediate attack on a target of our choice, such as a nuclear facility, or an army base, or possibly even a small city. If that did not get the job done, another target would be chosen and a lot more Iranians would die horrible deaths and cities would be leveled. I am confident this would end the matter for all time.

To those of you who think others in the world would rise to Iran’s defense, that is not going to happen. The reason is simple. They would not expose their own countries to the immediate fury of an irate America.

When these morons who caused this mess were retrieved, they would be imprisoned here for the situation that resulted from their idiocy.

Readers, I am tired of being treated like a punk. I am tired of backward little countries slapping me in the face. I am ashamed that they seem to do it with relative impunity and little or no penalty. The wusses in our government need to grow a set and step up. Our continued failures to hold these criminal governments responsible will only encourage them until we will have no other choice but to get much harsher. The time is coming when our electorate will finally choose a qualified individual who will not put up with this crap and then tens of thousands will be put in jeopardy. We need to end this before that happens.

How do you think Harry, or Ike, or Ron would handle this? I think I know. Are there no others out there like them? How long must we put up with these girlie men who would offer themselves as the “Leader of the Free World?” When will we decide to elect true leaders who would never permit these warrant-less attacks on our sovereignty and our citizens? What we are witnessing is shameful.

Ron Scarbro August 21, 2011


Mike Query said...

I would disagree with portions of your "retaliation" targets. Really hate to see innocent people die, even Iranians. A good portion of those people do not agree with their idiot leaders and should not pay the penalty of their decisions. Our military has been very successful with stealth remote drones that can put a laser guided bomb down a vent pipe, so a military target or nuclear site would work real well. After that, you start picking targets close to their leader's home until it get's his attention or the next one lands in his bed room. Then you continue down the chain of command. The down side and risk is that they would kill the hostages. It is harsh but maybe it would discourage others from taking a hike into forbidden territory. The upside is that it would get the attention of the rest of the world and maybe then the rest of the idiot leaders would realize there is no safe haven. The message has to be that we are capable of taking out anyone, anywhere, at any time and will do so, without hesitation, when provoked. Period. Q

Ron Scarbro said...

You and I agree. I would not want to kill anyone, even the hostages but those things happen sometime. The real message of this piece is the world must come to understand that we will no longer stand for any blackmail, period. The sooner that message is delivered, the sooner this crap will stop.
Thanks for the comment.