Sunday, August 28, 2011


My thirteen year old grandson, Nic, a regular reader of this blog, gave me a line to use in this column. Before we hand over this country to Nic and his peers, he asked if we could not “open up a can of common sense.” While this column is a pipe dream, it is an attempt at common sense. I recognize, however, this dream will never come true. The reason is simple, those charged with making the change would be the ones most directly affected by the change. Read my thoughts and tell me what you think. The title of this piece is “What If ?”.

What if there was no possibility of re-election, period? I am saying one could be elected for one term to a particular office but could never serve in that job again. And like other contest prizes, only one to a family and only once in a lifetime. No retirement benefits and limited medical insurance coverage. Just do your job and go home. Consider, if you will, how this change would affect us all. One of the first benefits to the constituency would be no seniority. Another, there would be no campaign “war chest” to receive so-called political campaign donations. Individuals would be elected and serve their one term, doing the people’s business, then return to their civilian life. They would not enter office with the foremost thought of being re-elected before they even start doing the people’s business.

How? Pretty simple really. First, we would extend the term of the House to a four year term instead of two. Elections could be staggered so that at any particular time we would be electing only half of the Congress at a time. That should help with those who would need on-the-job time to learn what their job is. We would treat the Senate the same way except we would also reduce their terms to four years. There would be no need to alter the Presidency in any way except no possibility of re-election, period.

Briefly now let us consider the benefit to the country. First and foremost this takes the money out of politics. Several years ago Assemblyman Jesse Unruh, D, Calif., said that money is the mother’s milk of politics. That crap needs to stop. John McCain said that money corrupts good people. I see it a bit differently. I think corrupt people seek out ways to get money. Today, being elected to the Congress is akin to winning the lottery. That is just ridiculous. Politics should not be a career. Serving in the Congress should be an honor and those who serve should be of the highest character and integrity. Is that what we have today? Could be that is why their approval rating is 13%.

The next phase of this new plan deals with the money. No one could ever contribute or accept any money for any political campaign. Any person or company contributing money or any candidate caught receiving any money would immediately be put in prison for a minimum of twenty years. Let’s face it, a bribe is a bribe. If that sounds harsh, it needs to be harsh. These clowns we have now in the Congress are destroying this country. We need to bring it to an end. I can already hear you screaming at me, “Only the rich would be able to run for office if we had this in place.” I understand your concern. All of these matters could be worked out. For example, we could have publicly financed campaigns. Persons wishing to run for office would submit petitions showing a modicum of support to qualify for public financing. There would also be limits on how much of their own money they could spend on any campaign. Violations of the laws regarding money for campaigns would be enforced from the beginning. Believe me, while it would cost some money to have publicly financed campaigns, it would not be nearly as expensive as it is now with Congress for sale to the highest bidder.

I told you from the beginning this piece was about common sense and so it is. One thing is clear. We the people have to get a handle on our government. We have to reduce the influence of money in Washington. We cannot compete with the big moneyed special interests. Can you imagine what this country would look like if honesty and integrity prevailed and our elected representatives just said no to the money? “What if?”

Ron Scarbro August 28, 2011

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Jwo- said...


It's almost painful to envision the "what ifs" of life and as I told Mother yesterday, I can no longer hold a political conversation without wanting to fight, cuss, scream and beat whomever is near (as my Daddy would say) "like a tied-up goat!". When I hear that idiot Obama (spit!) mouth off about how the previous 40-some odd Presidents prior had accumulated approximateely $9T in debt...and then have the gall to preach how irresponsible THEY were and how "that has to stop"...I wanted to run my truck into a tree! I love my truck but in that moment, I hated it for talking to me like that & in that fool's voice! That's how crazy this makes me and how painful the "what ifs" have become.

To continue this torture, I listened to a replay of Hannity en route to cigars yestereday. A woman asked ("what if") "can you imagine what would happen if circa $200M was returned to the taxpayers for their redistribution into the marketplace?" That's our tax burden to government and a Flat or Fair tax implementation would create such a financial stimulus. Additionally, deleting all Corporate tax burden would open the floodgates to business/industry flocking to our shores for a foothold. Hence, in two quick pen strokes, we revitalize the economy and reverse the largest hand-off of power from the people to Government in history (tax code/IRS). Shackling Government is an absolute neccesity if we are to survive as a leader and viable form of government. But let me chime in with you...what are the odds? "What if?"

Nic's "can of common sense" is toxic to Government, as we now know it...but what about the 'vapids' that elected these idiots? There were women flocking around Obama (spit!) shrieking of what a great job he was doing and how they loved him! ARE YOU FRICKIN SERIOUS??? WHAT? HUH?

I gotta go kick my truck...