Sunday, October 2, 2011


This week two old songs come to mind. One is “It’s just a matter of time” and the other is “Another one bites the dust”. I am referring of course to the killing of the  terrorist Anwar Al-Awlaki. He was identified as the next great leader of this rag tag group of baby killers and thugs. It turns out that he was just next. His body parts were strewn all over the country side in Yemen, a country he decided to call home. He came to have a very up close and personal relationship with a drone and a Hell-Fire missile.  This piece of filth was born an American and knew what that meant. In spite of all he should have learned as a young person growing up in the greatest country on earth, he chose to be a terrorist. My congratulations to whoever made the decision and the shot that took him out.

So, what is next to come from this crowd? They will probably pick another moron to be called their leader. I don’t care. This one thing I know for sure. Whoever is picked will meet the same fate of the last few so-called leaders. It should be a lesson to anyone who might be considering an upgrade in position, but it probably won’t. They either have a death wish or they are just plain stupid. Either way, as the song says, “It’s just a matter of time”.

Contrary to the opinion of some of our more liberal friends, America has never and will never lose a war. Sometimes it takes longer than we would like, but if we choose to win, we win, period. Our problem is deciding to win. There seems to be a loud group who just want to keep the battle going instead of ending it. I favor ending it. War, by its only definition is an all out exercise. I believe we could end this mess any time we choose. It might be ugly for a short time, but it would end. Just ask the Japanese.

There is no place on earth for anyone to hide if we decide to find them. If any of these backward terrorists only knew what awaited them, they would cower in fear because it is just a matter of time. Bin Laden thought he had beaten us, but that proved to be a faulty opinion. How many others have there been?  Gitmo is full of individuals who picked the wrong side too. Soon, I hope, we will be bringing them before a Military Tribunal for their look at American justice.

I clearly remember Pres. George W. Bush as he spoke of the attack on September 11. He said the terrorist decided when this war would start, we will decide when it will end. Remember as we kill off these low lifes that we didn’t start this mess but we will end it and that ending will come at our choice, not theirs. Obviously this is not a conventional war, but it is a war nonetheless. Our enemy has no allegiance to any particular country and flies no flag. They have no uniform. What they are are baby killers who are blood thirsty thugs. I leave you with these thoughts, “It’s just a matter of time” until “Another one bites the dust”.

Ron Scarbro October 1, 2011

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