Saturday, October 8, 2011


Back in the sixties I had the misfortune to witness up close the hippie free speech protests in Berkeley and around the Bay Area. These were groups of rag tag hippies who seemed to worship all things ugly and filthy. Bathing was not an option. They would stand on the corner and scream obscenities about all things American. I suspect what we are now seeing on Wall Street is the offspring of those hippies. From a distance, they look the same. I would guess they smell the same.

We know that many of these protesters are paid demonstrators. Most seem to have no real idea of what they are protesting or why they are even there. If this was just a silly demonstration I wouldn’t care. The problem arises when things are carried too far. E-mails are now emanating from this group advocating the death and beheading of all rich people. I am not kidding. Some of them are planning to erect guillotines to eliminate the wealthy class in this country. They apparently believe they are a part of some wildly popular movement like the French Revolution. Nothing could be further from the truth. In most people’s minds, this latest gathering of misfits does not even register.

So, what is causing this mess? Who is instigating this? Where did this all come from? I believe the rhetoric coming from the White House is at the heart of this protest. The “class warfare” nonsense being preached by Obama is having what I think is an unintended effect. The “wealth envy” and hatred for business garbage coming from this Administration is stirring up some of these misfits and leading to what could become some very dangerous possibilities.

Attention President Obama and your underlings. Knock it off. Clean up your act and recognize the danger of your rhetoric. You are creating a situation which could very easily get completely out of control. If that happens, it will be laid at your feet. To those of you who are financing this so-called peaceful uprising, stop it. Remember, you are a part of the rich they are so unhappy about. You would be among the very first to face their immature and misguided judgement.

And to you who are among the demonstrators. You appear to have a great deal of time on your hands. I recommend that you spend some of that time reading a few books and documents which might be helpful. For example the Constitution and Bill Of Rights. It could be helpful for you to know what being an American is all about. This un-American idea of illegally taking the property and wealth of some of our citizens and giving those assets to the so-called poor is not going to happen. America is about individual initiative and one’s success is left to them individually, not to governments or anyone else. Sharing the wealth is one of your many pipe dreams. It ain’t gonna happen. What you seem to be advocating is right out of Karl Marx’s manifesto, “from those according to their ability to those according to their need.” That, my friends, is Communism and it has never worked and it will not work here. If I have to explain to you why, it would be a waste of print because you would never understand.

Protesters, go home. Learn what it means to be an American. Get a job and stop living off your parents. Use your energy for something positive. The vast majority of this country will never come around to your way of thinking, and they are armed. We are not about to let some rag tag group of latent hippies destroy America.

Like protests of the past, this too will disappear. I just hope it is gone before some moron gets to the point where he thinks he can become famous by taking it too far. As has happened in the past, that fame will be short lived and he will become nothing more than a footnote on the trash dump of history.

Ron Scarbro October 8, 2011

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Good points well said.