Monday, November 7, 2011


Greece is either a small insignificant country on the Aegean Sea or a lubricant for your axle or other uses. Regardless of any definition I am suffering from Greek fatigue. I cannot be alone in my opinion that we are weary of the word Greece. Now the news is that Italy will be the next major problem for the world’s economy.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the problem is with these European Socialist countries. As Margaret Thatcher famously said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” These little Socialist countries have run out of other people’s money. Two big problems have emerged as these defaults have run their inevitable course, one is that their own people refuse to have their birth-to-death socialist care eliminated or reduced and problem number two, we and the world’s banks have been financing their excesses for years. Well, guess what, Greece and Italy along with all these socialist failures are going to have to figure out a different way to live or face falling into the sea.

For years and years, fabulously wealthy Greek citizens have hidden their wealth and cheated their own country. Now the “preacher” has to be paid. Ship building tycoons have refused to pay their taxes and (with the cooperation of the corrupt government officials) have fiddled while Rome has burned. Now the European Union wants us to bail them out. I say no way, period. Let them fall into the sea and the sooner the better. The banks who loaned the money to carry Greece and others all these years will just have to suffer losses. Like most of the Western world, I am sick of it.

To all of the “Wall Street protesters” who scream and advocate for this same socialism, can you not see? This form of government just doesn’t work. To survive in this country, you have to work. To survive in this world, you have to work. There is no free lunch. Even if all the wealth in America was suddenly confiscated and spread among all the citizens in this great country, in just a matter of weeks it would all be back to where it started. The wealthy would go back to being the wealthy and the poor would go back to being poor. The reason is simple, wealthy people do wealthy things and have a wealthy result and poor people do poor things and have a poor result.

Nothing has changed. To be successful at life, one must educate himself, apply himself, dedicate himself to success and work hard. Now and then a wealthy parent will die and leave money to their kids, but for the most part success comes from hard work and dedication. Wise investment, obedience to law, acceptance of social rules and customs, are all vital to the successful life.

There seems to be a growing population out there who somehow have come to the opinion that they are owed success. The rich must subsidize them. The producers must work to produce so that they can live the good life at another’s expense. They should not have to work. They should not have to pay for their education. They should not have to pay for their medical care. They should instead be supported by the “Nanny” state. Where do they suppose the money will come from?

This, my friends, in not rocket science or brain surgery. This is just common sense. The press needs to ignore this nonsense. Our government needs to concentrate on our problems and let Europe worry about their problems. I don’t need or want any more Greek lubrication.

Ron Scarbro November 7, 2011

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