Wednesday, January 8, 2014


We are a very fortunate people. We are a people who have chosen a system of government wherein we the people select those who would serve as our “leaders.” Our “Founding Fathers” decided that we the people would be in charge. To further insure that Americans would stay free, they passed an amendment to the Constitution that guarantees our right to own and bear arms. That alone makes us citizens and not subjects.

In simple terms this means the people who are in positions of power serve solely  with our consent and without that consent they do not serve. Whatever power they have is power granted to them by we the people and that power can be withdrawn at any time we choose.

It is clear however, that from time to time some of these “leaders” decide they know what is best for us and from time to time decide to enact laws or regulations for “our own good.” We then have a choice. We either go along with these “Nannie types” or we stand up to them. Whether it is the size of our soft drink or the type of cooking oil we use, it should be up to us what we choose. What we eat or when we eat it is none of the government’s business.

Effective with the first of this year, we can no longer buy incandescent light bulbs. You see, they are not good for us. So instead of buying a light bulb for less than a dollar, now we must pay ten dollars for a light bulb “for our own good.” I believe if you followed the money you would see just what exactly is behind this particular bit of nonsense. What was the pay off that precipitated this new regulation and who collected that bribe?  

Now we have a new government instituted health insurance mandated by law known as Obamacare. This was sold as being “for our own good.” We now know that the big insurance companies were behind this new law and worked to bring it about. What we don’t know yet is how much money was paid and to whom to create this monstrosity. Time will fix this mess but not the situation that caused it. That will be left to the people.

In just the past few years more and more of our freedoms have disappeared. The system of government that has existed for over two hundred years is eroding. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t agree to this new form of government. It has come about because the good people of this country have sat out the last few elections. Traditional Americans, the productive class, have ceded their responsibility and allowed the dependent class to pick our “leaders.” Clearly that hasn’t worked.

Also, today we have a group of people who seem to believe they are somehow owed a living and that they should receive a living wage whether they work or not. Teenage hamburger flippers should be paid the same as college graduates. Unemployed people, whether by situation or by choice, should somehow be paid a “living wage” to sit on their butts well beyond the original intent of unemployment benefits. They don’t care that any dollar they receive doing nothing is stolen from a productive person who contributes to society. That, they reason, is not their problem.

These situations exist because the wrong people have been put into office by a dependent class who most benefit from their elections. If our government is to survive, productive people have to act. We are the governed. It is up to us, and that, ladies and gentlemen, would seriously be for “our own good.”

Ron Scarbro January 8, 2014

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