Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I am writing this on Tuesday afternoon ahead of the State of the Union speech. I will not be watching the speech. I will not watch the Republican answer to Obama’s speech either. I will learn about it all tomorrow through the many news sources that I trust. Some of you will ask why I don’t want to listen to the address live. It is really quite simple. I don’t trust Obama and I am very leery about the rest of them.

Over the years I have sat and intently listened and watched as the “Leader of the Free World” let us all in on what was happening in Washington. It has now become an exercise in nonsense. If a Democrat is giving the speech, the Democrats jump up on cue and cheer while the Republicans sit on their hands. The reverse is true when the president is a Republican. Frankly I get a little tired of the whole affair.

I long for the time when our public officials could be believed and trusted. That ship has unfortunately sailed. There used to be a time when politicians would at least give the semblance of honesty and truthfulness, but sadly, no more. Barack Obama is a liar. I think his lying goes back to well before he was elected as our president. I believe he lied during his campaigns and he has been lying ever since. I know he is not the first politician to lie in order to get elected, but what I don’t understand is why must he continue to lie in order to govern. It is all going to catch up with him. He will soon be out of office and the next president will cancel most of Obama’s “executive orders.” I also believe Obamacare will be disposed of in favor of a better actual workable plan. And as soon as the Republicans once again get back in power, Obama’s past will be exposed from his birth to his education to his source of funding during his early life. It will be interesting to see how the leftist media handles that bit of intrigue.

When you read this, the State of the Union speech will be history. The Democrats will have sore knees from jumping up and down to applaud with gusto every time their hero makes a point. He will have promised more free stuff to the voter base which elected him in the first place. He won’t explain the scandals, Benghazi, the IRS mess or anything else. He will, as he has in the past, pretend all is business as usual. In their response the Republicans will scoff at the speech but will offer nothing of substance in rebuttal. In other words, this will be just another waste of television time and my time.

Maybe in the past I was just naive. I actually believed in what my president said. I even believed it if the president was a Democrat. Well I don’t believe them anymore. It has become a matter of trust. Politicians have violated my trust. We have turned over this great country to a bunch of thugs and criminals. We are being governed by people who care nothing about America.

No, I will not be watching the State of the Union address. I refuse to be a part of the charade. Maybe I’ll find something else of interest to watch, like reruns of Storage Wars, or maybe some game show or professional wrestling. You know, something I can trust.

Ron Scarbro January 29, 2014

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